• Summer Boy 2017 of iSTORYA

      Last year, we featured BlueIre as Summer Boy of iStorya and got to know the person behind the nick as he candidly answered questions in the interview. And now, summerís here again and itís time for us to choose another featured iStoryan this sizzling season.

      The summer poll last week ended with the runners-up trailing way behind the sure big winner, xetorkaiba, the Summer Boy of iStorya 2017. He is a mainstay in the chat box and a regular in the Humor and Love is section in the forum. It is not his first win though, in the polls, he also won last yearís Crush ngiStorya so xetorkaiba is definitely well-loved by many.

      Letís read more on our main manís personal thoughts and funny quips on things about life, love and just about anything under the sun.

      xetorkaiba, The Well-Loved

      iSTORYA (I): Whatís your basic summer ensemble (clothing/fashion/style)?
      xetorkaiba (X): I don't have a sense of fashion hahaha, shorts og tattered shirt ra jud tawn with matching slippers nga gilumot hahaha

      I: What is your all-time-soundtrack-of-your-summer?
      X: I don't have any preferred genre when it comes to music as long as nice ang beat og ang lyrics, but I usually listen to love songs para may hugot hahaha

      I: Have you experienced a summer fling in the past? (Tell us a bit about it.)
      X: Nahh, I didn't have any experiences like that kay torpe man ko gud hahaha

      I: Where is your ideal summer vacation destination?
      X: Anywhere with friends or family but I rarely travel during summer hahaha duty mode kasi

      I: Describe the last good summer vacation you went on?
      X: I don't have one because I have no budget for this kind of thing haha

      Selfie Qís
      I: How did you come up with your nick, xetorkaiba?
      X: hahaha. It's a reversed (kunuhay) combination name of my elementary crush Roxet and an anime character Seto Kaiba

      I: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
      X: My parents Ė no more cheesy words. Everyone knows that

      I: Name a turning point in your life that makes you smile or cry.
      X: SMILE - being a martyr in a relationship hahaha/ Cry - brokenhearted </3

      I: What is something that can always make you feel better?
      X: Listening to music, singing (bisanbatigtingog) and reading manga

      I: Whatís your biggest goal in life right now?
      X: To be better in all the things I do especially in my career

      I: What do you spend your money on the most and why?
      X: Food and transportation

      Love Qís
      I: Do you shy away from real love?
      X: sometimes

      I: What are the top three qualities that you look for when it comes to women?
      X: Bahalag gwapa basta dato, aww having these statistics 32 - 24 - 34 haha!

      I: What can influence you in choosing your partner?
      X: Referred by a friend hahaha trabaho lang ang peg but I usually trust my feelings and animal instinct in choosing someone I want to be with.

      I: Do you give out second chances too easily?
      X: Hmm yes, if second chance is not enoughIíll give one to make it three, haha martyr ang peg!

      I: Have you ever broken someone's heart?
      X: Not sure, no na lang para madali hahaha

      Would You RatherÖ
      I: Skinny dip in the ocean in the middle of the night or in a public pool after it was closed?
      X: Skinny dip in a public pool after it was closed basin naa pud nahabilin naligo hahaha

      I: Catch up with your friends over beer or catch up on watching old TV shows or online games?
      X: Catchup with friends over beer and online games, rawr

      I: Get stung by five bees at once or get a sunburn?
      X: Get stung by five bees, para ma iba naman

      I: Be single and have lots of summer flings, or settle down?
      X: Be single and have lots of summer flings, itís still too early to settle down

      I: Go to summer school and graduate a year early, or skip the school and enjoy the summer?
      X: Go to summer school and graduate a year early, para naa nay pang date

      I: Have your own pool or have your own hot tub?
      X: Pwede both?

      I: Get really tan or stay out of the sun?
      X: Get really tan

      I: Sweat all day every day in the sun, or have it rain every day?
      X: Have it rain everyday kay lisod na ma sunburn ta

      I: Pee on someone who got stung by a jellyfish, or have someone pee on your jellyfish sting?
      X: Pee on someone hahaI used to do this during my elementary days hahaha

      I: What kind of woman would you love to meet this summer?
      X: No need to, I have someone special right now

      Last question, in a nutshell, who is xetorkaiba as a person outside the forum?
      X: Just a normal, talkative, happy go lucky, approachable, CUTE singer and dancer hahaha

      iSTORYA League of Writers
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      1. Bonito4U's Avatar
        Bonito4U -
        Oraayytt.. that's my summerboy kahoy choi @xetorkaiba hehe. .. funny indeed.
      1. xetorkaiba's Avatar
        xetorkaiba -
        Quote Originally Posted by Bonito4U View Post
        Oraayytt.. that's my summerboy kahoy choi @xetorkaiba hehe. .. funny indeed.
        hahaha minadali lang choi, busy sa life eh

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