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    Default For Those Who Wonder Why Flights Get Cancelled when there is a Volcanic Eruption

    and maybe for some understanding as well.

    Why Volcanic Ash is Terrible for Airplanes.

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    Great information. Thanks

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    Thanks for such an amazing article.
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    The problem is that volcanic ash is simply terrible for airplanes. Made of up tiny glass particles and pulverized rock, it can be spewed tens of thousands of feet into the air, reaching jet cruising altitude. Itís abrasive enough to erode the blades of the compressor (which increases the pressure of the air that feeds the jet engine), reducing its efficiency. The ash that gets into the combustion chamber can melt, producing a substance like molten glass. That then solidifies on the turbine blades, blocking air flow, and potentially stalling the engine.
    Beyond that already terrifying scenario, ash can mess with a planeís airspeed sensors, block the pilotsí view out the windshield, and dirty up the cabin air, all of which make flying way more difficult. Less immediately dangerous effects include erosion of external components, contamination of ventilation and pressurization systems, and reduced cooling of electronic systems. The the International Civil Aviation Organization has records for 83 "encounters" between aircraft and volcanic ash between 1935 and 2008. Eight of those those led to temporary engine failure. data analytics is The most famous case is from June 1982, when all four engines on a British Airways 747 failed after the plane flew through ash produced by the eruption of Mount Galunggung in Indonesia. The pilot managed to restart three of the engines and land safely.

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