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    Default Does Your Small Business Needs A Coach?

    The answer is YES more often than you think. Most small business owners are so caught up in doing the business that they have totally lost sight of working on the business. The daily struggle to just survive totally consumes the average owner. Other small business owners refuse to consider they don't have all the answers and still others are paranoid that a coach will tell them things they don't want to hear.

    In reality, a coach doesn't tell anyone what to do, they listen carefully giving the entrepreneur a chance to examine what they are doing, it light of their intentions. John Wooden of UCLA basketball fame is quoted as saying: "A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can achieve what you have always known you could."

    The coach will guide the business with a sharp focus on marketing, increased productivity, crystal clear management, cost reductions and powerful interactions. No business can escape the benefits of a coaching interaction. Small business owners that want immediate results, are committed to excellence, or are experiencing challenges are all candidates for coaching.

    If a small business owner is honest with him or her self they know that they need help in managing the plethora of issues facing them on a daily basis to grow their company. So if they are facing any of the following issues adding a coach to their team is a given.

    Increase revenue - Coaching can accelerate business growth exponentially.
    Make significant change - Coaching can greatly assist the small business owner navigate significant change in a timely manner.
    Improve leadership skills - Coaches successfully tweak leadership skills and modify negative behavior.
    Make better decisions - Coaches can develop the decision matrix to make decision making easier and more straight forward.
    Increased focus - Opportunities become clear and solutions appear and goals are achieved.
    More time - Coaches reveal time wasters and the mind set that believes activity is equal to results.
    Sounding board - Being isolated is a common complaint of small business owners and a coach provides the consult, support, accountability and tough love small business owners need to be well rounded.

    Most small business owners are totally unaware of the value of a coach so they literally stumble along struggling to survive. When they are exposed to the skills of a coach they are generally blown away at how easy it was to put their business on the path to success. When a business is tweaked and the small business owner is taught the key metrics, marketing strategies and systems success is literally guaranteed.


    For the mastermind group who will be viewing this thread, this is leindor. Me and my brother smurky create a new account for me (terces) because there's something wrong with my leindor account here sa

    Hope to see your comments or posts on this topic especially the 2nd batch of Mastermind group, which is my batchmates....


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    kinsay maka coach nako on transforming my personal lending to a legit financing institution? from the software and database, to the system of daily operations and accounting and to the most crucial part which is the legal docs for a biz permit and its taxes. pm lang.

    qualification for my coach: kanang naa nay experience ini na field and not some coach2x lang.
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    what are the credentials of these so-called "coaches" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnoize View Post
    what are the credentials of these so-called "coaches" ?

    dapat sa coach...must have proven tract record of success in business, naa jud experience unsaon pag padagan sa negosyo, lahi man ang theory sa application.

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    mao its important that in choosing a your homework jud...make sure expert cya in the field of coaching you needed...

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    For a business coach kinahanglan:

    -naay profound knowledge about business management
    -accounting literate
    -knowledgeable about banking rules
    -years of experience managing his own business
    -lastly...take a look at his bank accounts

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    thumbs up!

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    looks like the "coach" is too busy to answer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnoize View Post
    looks like the "coach" is too busy to answer...
    Thanks for posting guys. Actually, I posted this article not because I'm a coach, in fact hindi ko ito sariling article,I was surfing the net and I found this article, it make sense kaya naisipan kung I-post dito sa para naman mapag-usapan. I would like to be a coach especially sa business world. Somehow yung mga sinabi nyo about coaching is really true. I'm here to get ideas from smart people like you guys to somehow enhance my skills in coaching. Kung may sasabihin pa kayo about coaching, please post more articles here or ideas so i could learn from it. Thanks a lot guys.

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    i know some companies nga nag file ug bankruptcy. why? their coaches made it worse for them.
    six months after I started my business (5 yrs ago) I went to see a consultant/coach for some advices, it did'nt really help.

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