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Rodel, a fighter

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That was year 1999 when I met this very modest man, Rodel Mayol. Also known as “Batang Mandaue” for his prolific boxing talent as an amateur pugilist during college years at Southwestern University. We used to share some laughters during vacant time, carved up cheese breads (chip-in chip-in style) at Julies Bakeshop along Aznar road, played basketball at Sitio Tangkongan Gym (skipping some Accounting classes) and teased a campus Librarian with the company of Elmer the guitar aficionado, Romeo the man of intense Chuckle, Jigger the Linkin Park buff , Otel the Punky one, Franklin the aspiring lawyer-liar and Arsolon the Tee-hunk!

Come June 13, 2009, exactly ten years since I knew him, he’s going to plant his two feet on the canvass and stand hard against the slinky undefeated champion Ivan Calderon of Puerto Rico in an under-card of Cotto-Clottey fight at Madison Square Garden for his third attempt of becoming world champion after two terrible letdowns the past years. This fight could be very difficult for him, paper wise. But I still feel he can pull this one up, knock-out or not.

Rodel is known as a frozen person who never talks much and seems to have no feelings by most of his friends. But when you get to know him deeper, you’d be surprised to realize how he’d put his heart above all else, for everything he does and everything he’s going through. He’s a man of passion, silent man with disguised obsession. I remember back then when he went home early from school just to check his girlfriend’s condition (with slight fever), though he had his own too, also just last year when he was hooked-up on to a risky fight in Mexico (with no appropriate training and preparation) just to be able to earn for the hospital bills of his wife’s maternal care. The size of his heart is very immense and as immeasurable as an endless highway, and as charming as the sweetest honey in Amazon wilderness.

Whatever might be the outcome of his upcoming fight against the man known as one of the finest defensive boxers of the world, undefeated and WBO light-flyweight champion, I will always be on Rodel’s side for he is a man who deserves filled support and tribute. And when the first bell rings of their 12 round combat, I’ll put my own free will through telepathic aura to give him all my courage and strength to win the fight, for which he be worthy of.

To Rodel, I wish you all the best and constantly bear in mind that “Wherever the hands of fate would lead you, be reminded that there’s always be a guiding hand that would lead you to the purpose of which you were created” Now, It takes my mind back to Mr. Ornopia (one of our Accounting instructor) back then. Perhaps the Billie Joe music of GE cassette reminds everything that you’ve been through… blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices… under a rare radiant sun of June.

Knock on wood Rodel!

My newly written blog is for Rodel Mayol, once a classmate, always a friend and a fighter…

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  1. bedik1973's Avatar
    mayol does a brian viloria.

    fingers crossed, all 20 of them.


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