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Life and me

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The rushing blood of me
Traverses through my veins
It gives life on me
Provides verve to stride through pain
I walk with ambition
But with less inspiration
Whatís the cure for this?
For this disease of loneliness
Been there, been here
But nobody seems to care
For all the mourning
I see no sunrise every morning
You have me frozen
And I donít know how to begin again
For this path of life I take
Could be more like a mistake?

My latest blog is for Tom Howard Gomez, of course.

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this is just an excerpt of the writerís mind, who had an uncontrollable desire to write whatís on his mind, some are fiction and some are real. a copyrighted material, you need authorís permission before you
copy and paste this lexis. otherwise iíll hit you down like a bug! iím
just kidding though.. thank you.


  1. shimiyu's Avatar
    writer pala kayo bai. kudos!
  2. Dorothea's Avatar
    Loneliness is such a great equalizer. Michael Jackson even acknowledged how painfully lonely he was.

    We are all drowning in loneliness, all 6 billion of us.


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