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Play Real Cash Poker

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by , 12-01-2018 at 12:27 PM (2394 Views)
Join the online philippine poker action at PPPoker club id #49998, #49999 and id #50000 (fast deposit/withdrawals). Send us a message for more details.

FISH CAMP CLUB / Online Poker Philippines
Application: PPPoker (Download at
Platform: Windows, Android , iOS
Club ID: #49998 & #49999 (low stake), #50000 (highstake)
Minimum buy: Php40 (no cash no chips)
Cash out: Monday- Friday
24/7 Players and Tables
Games: NLH , PLO, OFC
Jackpots: Automatic

For more information/payment options please visit
Contact us at
/ available 24 hours 1-2 minutes average response time


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  3. lizzzziiie's Avatar
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    Updated 06-06-2019 at 02:43 PM by lizzzziiie (typos)
  4. vivian.pratt4's Avatar
    Thank you for the info! I am in love with poker. It's good I can only go to and play video poker without leaving the house.
  5. Vickanas's Avatar
    The casino is cool. The main thing is to play wisely and in reliable casinos
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  9. JessicaBosworth's Avatar
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  10. Reon's Avatar
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  12. Samuel1's Avatar
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  13. BobbyBe's Avatar
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