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How Karma Unfolded Right Before My Eyes

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by , 08-20-2017 at 10:33 PM (955 Views)
"No need for revenge. Just sit back and and wait... Those that hurt you will eventually screw up all by themselves. And if you are lucky, God will let you watch."

Saw this random quote from Google and man, couldn't be more "truer" to what unfolded right before my very eyes. Yeah, just saw how karma weaved its stingy strings in and out of its very existence.

Yes, I know it is evil to rejoice of other people's demise. And no, I wouldn't jump up and down no matter how badly they've wronged me. I just felt a little bit woozy how timing can really suck. Just attended a christening awhile ago and saw her with another guy. Another guy? Again? Uh, no. I'm keeping my judgments to myself. I wouldn't deny that I felt a whole lot uncomfortable. Affected, tih? Yes, affected 'cause this is not the first time that our paths have crossed. This is the third time. The first was from a friend's wedding. The second was when we literally crossed paths while walking along the sidewalk and had actually the surprise of my life when she had the guts to roll her eyes on me. LOL! Flushed that flashback down the drain, though. And today, saw her again. Haha! Girl, our worlds must have shrunk so hard.

At the reception, saw this guy who looked so familiar. I had to rack my brain thinking where I met him. Then it dawned on me. This guy is this woman's ex -- the father of the kid that she's bringing to the event. And this guy is with another woman! Yes, besshhhh. They both came bringing their own separate partners. It would not take Einstein to add 1 + 1 then on. From the last time, I remembered that she's a single mom and had the opportunity to reconnect with her ex earlier this year. She's been posting in social media publicly how they gave their relationship a second shot (stalker mode on). Then someone from the group that I went with for the christening, made light to what happened. The guy was actually in a long-term relationship after they separated from Miss-who-had-the-guts-to-roll-eyes-on-me. However, maybe some sort of dark wind hovered on them that the guy left his girlfriend to rekindle the fire that they had once with Miss-who-had-the-guts-to-roll-eyes-on-me. To make the story short, their rekindled relationship unfortunately didn't last long. After all the FB posts about their family outings, triumphant posts about how destiny has it bringing them back together was actually all a sham and short lived. The guy went back to the long-term relationship. They parted ways without at least maintaining the peace for the sake of the kid. Miss-who-had-the-guts-to-roll-eyes-on-me had to post publicly the text messages that was sent by the ex-girlfriend-turned-girlfriend-again.

Seeing both of them in that small, enclosed space made me think that this is karma right before my eyes. But, I wasn't rejoicing. I thought I would be laughing my ass off seeing her downfall. But, no. There was a prick of pain felt. I felt her heart no longer pumping even though she was bringing a prop on her side. I can feel the anguish of how hopeless that there will be another "them" again. I can almost hear her thoughts racing, troubled by the mere existence of his ex and his "kabit" (as so lovingly branded in Miss-who-had-the-guts-to-roll-eyes-on-me page).

Hayyy. This day is crazy. When people use other people as stepping stones, you'll certainly see them lose their balance, maybe not now but in the future to come.

I almost caught myself amused but realized that there's no need for it. I refuse to smile on her heartache. I know the pain too well. All I can do is offer her a prayer. May her heart find the peace that it so longed for. The lesson learned here? Do not ever mess with other people's lives for we can never know how bad karma can be cruel -- cruel to even let me see it unfold right before my very eyes.
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