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Tiny Miracles of Life

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by , 11-05-2013 at 02:31 AM (2956 Views)
Have you ever seen a premature baby being born?
Have you ever held one and felt his weight?
Have you ever touched his tiny hands after scrubbing your hands like a mad man to prevent him from getting sick?
Have you ever seen his tiny feet that no socks could never seem to fit?

Have you ever wondered how such tiny life being born,
could beat the odds of life?
Have you ever seen him breathe? His tiny chest moving calmly,
while different apparatus are being attached to his tiny body.
Have you heard his tiny yet strong cry,
wondering if he feels pain?
Have you ever sigh in awe of this tiny creature who have slowly
capture your heart, because you could never imagine going
through what this precious miracle have?

Have you ever wondered, if he will survive?
Without feeling the pain inside?

It's Prematurity Awareness Day. November 17, 2013. Help spread awareness on prematurity by wearing something purple on that day. Did you know that Philippines is rank 8 globally of "countries with the highest rate of premature births"? Most premature births are caused by poor prenatal care, sickness during pregnancy and a lot more. Premature births is the biggest killer of newborns.

You don't need to have a preemie to do so. You only need to have a heart moved by a preemie's power.
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