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Not your Ordinary Food Market

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by , 09-20-2013 at 09:00 AM (5233 Views)
What is a food market?
A food market in its simplest meaning can mean a grocery or a place where produce, meat and other grocery items are sold.

The food market I am talking/writing about is sort of something like that but a bit different.

What makes it different?
It is not your ordinary food market, it is a gastronomic experience for the adventurous, a haven for the hungry and a habit for the weekly foodie. A variety of goodies are there, from breads, to sweets, to street food and to healthy foods.
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We (hubby, kids & I) are a creature of habit, we visit the BTC food market almost every Saturday to get us our favorites: Greek Donuts & Baklava, Luigi's Rye bread and any of Moshi's Kale drinks.

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Last Saturday, our choices were the following: Tinumis from Kusina ni Nita, Paella from Dos Hermanos, Shrimps from Uchida, Siomai from Eat Street and gone before I had the chance to take a photo of, the mango with cheese ice cream.

Tinumis comes in two variants, the plain (ground pork only) or the one that is like dinuguan (pig's blood stew). If you want it spicy, you can ask for red chili to top your Tinumis. One can either order a bowlful of Tinumis or as a rice topping for P85, which is the one we got. One order of Tinumis rice topping is good for 2 people with small appetites. I love how it tastes like and how it is very different from dinuguan.

Paella according to Hubby is okay. The only definition for his taste is either okay and tasty or bleehh which means the taste did not agree with his taste buds. Hearing him say that the paella was okay meant that it passed his discriminating taste. Though one order was not enough for him which was good because I could barely finish my food and We ended up sharing the Tinumis.

The siomai & shrimp was okay for him too. One cup of shrimp has 3 shrimps and siomai can be ordered in the following quantities: 3 siomais, 5 siomais or 7 siomais.

Saturday is just around the corner and I am looking forward to try the Essen Manna, Vegan Burger, Fresh Salad & Tinumis (again, but this time without the pig's blood). This is going to be a string of Saturdays before I can say I have tried every dish available at the food market.

*BTC Food Market is every Saturdays from 10am to 9pm.
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