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Mindless Ranting...

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by , 06-11-2013 at 07:53 PM (1172 Views)
Simple as it may seem
There are things in life that can't be explained
Questions like how, what, where, why
Can often remain unanswered

Life without emotion is often meaningless
Yet somehow emotions can lead one astray
Give in and you might regret it
Resist it and you might regret it still

Some things are meant to be
While some are not just for you
Of course in life you cannot have everything
Which is why you have to deal with disappointments too!

There are times you find yourself wondering
Why now, why not before
Yet answers ever so often elude you
So, you let out a sigh, because there is nothing you can do

Such is the game they call life
Where solutions and answers keep on changing
Solving it is often futile
Which is why you might be better off playing the game for awhile



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