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To be or not to be: Network Marketing 101

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by , 05-29-2013 at 01:13 AM (4907 Views)
There are basic ways to determine if you will be in the right company.

1. PEOPLE / MANAGEMENT: first and foremost you need to know the person behind the company because their track records will speak for itself. These people will be your gauge if the company will last more than five years or not. They must be active within the company and always keep in touch with the members or better if they can visit your area / place. Since we don't have an institution who regulate the Network Marketing industry, DSAP (DSAP | Direct Selling Association of the Philippines - DSAP | Direct Selling of the Philippines) is the one monitoring the activities of such companies but to me Direct Selling is totally different from Network Marketing so it wil lbe ok if the company is not a member of DSAP so long it has Code of Ethics and do pays out.

2. PRODUCT: again the product should be "UNIQUE" because this will be the driving factor to increase your sales and membership. It should also be a business trend or trending for example during GOLD RUSH who became rich that time? gold diggers or those fellow who sell the tools? Another key factor on these one would be the baby boomers (A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic post-World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964) they are the industry movers. They dictate what would be the next trend but right now since most baby movers are in their 50's - 60's if you noticed the latest fad are health products from supplements to yoga and etc, It's all on health industry. With the help of internet we can now tap larger market share GLOBAL business potential but some NM companies are still doing the traditional way of Sales and Marketing.

3. PAYPLAN: now this aspect is quite tricky for some because different companies are using different compensation packages which could be label as Unilevel, Binary, Powerline, Force Matrices, Spillover and etc. You will basically know how many ways you can earn and how you can maximize your profit as well. There must be no "FLUSH OUT" meaning that company will not limit their monthly or yearly pay out or the company cannot take away your earning for the certain period. Payplan should be balance between the members and the company there must be a safety net for longevity and survival.

4. SUPPORT: The conviction and sincerity of the company can be seen here. After joining what kind of support does a new member will get? - that's must be the common question. Trainings, Marketing Materials, Perks, Money back guarantee and etc will fall under this category and not only that team participation is also beneficial for new members. The company must be all out supportive from management down to NM leaders.

5. YOU: The most important aspect will be yourself. You must do your due diligence before indulgence. The decision is now yours to take and your action will determine the end result.

To our mutual success!




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