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Lolek Words of Creation

  1. Think of time

    I remember when a certain typhoon thumped the region years ago, the wind so fierce and foggy; rain gave an aching impact as it landed onto my face. Umbrellas twirled inside out, as if trying to recommend raincoat to be the best gear of the circumstance. Banana foliages slanted by the furious breeze, positioned like a missile, ready for a distant fire. Ducks stooped for a safer cover (with an unsynchronized chorus of quack-quack-quack!) and the uncanny sound of disturbed nature, resembling those ...
  2. Twit the tour

    It has been almost a month of sleep-deprived epoch spending at least 5 hours a day reading twitter updates of 2009 coverage of the Tour de France. For this yearís tour, my love on Lance hasnít fade, and didnít lose color even though he wasnít able to defend the yellow colored jersey for his campaign return to the tour after three and a half years of retirement. At thirty-seven years old, going thirty-eight in less than two months, the Texan made it to the podium for third place just behind highly-favored ...
  3. World won't end

    If you think year 2012 will be the end of the world, then you must be out of your mind. Counseling is best for you. Predictions like that by ancient civilizations is, more or less, a hoax, a most shameful way to shock people of any races across the globe.

    Dying is definite, mark my word. But weíre not going to die together like what Mayans claimed could happen; one by one weíd be gone astray while the rest will stay temporarily. And they are the one who will cry for an hour or overnight ...
  4. Rubberband

    Iíve been introduced by my friend to a kind of stuff, bracelet, which has magnetic effect in our muscles and veins, and could make blood circulation better than usual. Thus, allow more oxygen to our tissues and release more energy. Itís one of the Good Faith products. Good Faith Bio-Magnetic jewelry.

    I love its metallic compound and the effect to those who wear it, as what Iíve come up with my research further about it over the net; itís proven to be health beneficial. It brings relief ...
  5. Hide

    Are they doing something bad in their life? Are they on the run from somebody? Are they hiding for some reasons?

    Those are questions so very common and yet intriguing. People are on hide. They might be your friends, your mates and maybe your brothers by race. They might be the closest person of your life, who happened to put you down unexpectedly by betrayal. It could be due to debts, *** and taxes. Those are certain things in our lifeís existence, like a predictable sunrise and sunset, ...
  6. We love rain, or shine

    Riding car is something youíd love to do during rainy days, itís free carwash! On the other hand, flying kites is something youíd love to carry out during sunny days.

    But what if weather conditions suddenly change in an instant? What if youíd be caught up by unexpected climate change in the middle of something? Wonít you get mad and nutty? Particularly, what if sunny day swiftly becomes rainy?

    Most of us hate that scenario of course, if not all. We set off to work or ...
  7. Beware: Swine Flu is on Disco!

    If youíre aware of the recent global outbreak, then you must be attentive without limits. Surely, avoiding close contact with someone infected by the flu, frequent hand washing, on strict nutritious diet, daily physical activities like exercising and some sorts of basic preventions, are not enough.

    The first thing that will come into our mind when talking about A (H1N1) virus infection is the chief issue of hygiene and immunity. The better the sanitation we put into practice and the ...
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