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  1. The Adam within

    Yesterday afternoon, as I stride my way back to work from 30 minutes lunch-break. I stayed for about 5 minutes in the parking area to catch some breath of unsullied bill of air. When I looked up the sky, came into view a blue with blemishing clouds, some omen is about to happen.

    Though the parking lot serves as smoking area as well, I donít smoke myself. I donít do devilís vice, because I am properly advised by my own therapeutic consciousness. With that, I couldnít blame any tobacco ...
  2. Life and me

    The rushing blood of me
    Traverses through my veins
    It gives life on me
    Provides verve to stride through pain
    I walk with ambition
    But with less inspiration
    Whatís the cure for this?
    For this disease of loneliness
    Been there, been here
    But nobody seems to care
    For all the mourning
    I see no sunrise every morning
    You have me frozen
    And I donít know how to begin again
    For this path of life I take
  3. I'd Come For You

    For all those years that seem so gray, weíve been on respective struggles like a wounded soldier in a distressed situation. I believe in heaven as much as I believe in you, and Iím sorry if Iím too late, sorry if Iím too wicked to you, for Iím jolting on my way up in here while being pulled down by something below.

    The very first time I saw you, I sense somewhat distinctive, special and inimitable and full of high regard, somehow. Our time has come but the whole thing appears so unsure, ...
  4. Knuckle

    With my defensive stance secure and well-planted, the lightning quick slide of the offensive end turn nasty and ankle breaking. Few slides to my left could make it harder for him to beat me down, but with my left arm arenít spread and leaning position between his hip and my abs, it went ugly. My left ring finger knuckle absorbed all-out pressure between two squeezing matter of meat-bone-tissues.

    It hurts like hell, burning feeling towards my brain. Welcome to the world of pain where ...
  5. June Rains!

    Hey fellows, Wet days to you! I mean sweet days to all of you, nah pardon for how I begin this, Wet days is coming this June. Seems like everybody wants to stay with Mr. Sunny Summer month of May but Iím sorry to tell you, and I know youíre all aware of it too.. Mr. Sunny Summer just waved farewellí coz itís been over.

    To manifest to that, the sky is being paid to be gray, canít you see? You shouldnít be worried if dazzling summer is leaving for the raison díÍtre that this coming ...
  6. Alone and isolated

    I want to communicate and I want to speak from within. So much to say with zero twaddle and never includes cuddle. I want you to listen because all I want, all I need is the biggest fraction of my true happiness.

    Life is a lonesome experience when you have nothing to talk to, with nothing to get into with someone, something special. Moment.

    I see myself as an outcast stranger. Long beard, barefoot, naked, confused and looking for nuts by the seashore to be able to survive. ...
  7. Help set wrongness Right

    The most efficient way of helping others when theyíre out of customary behavior in a certain situation; quote them when theyíre off beam. Win-win situation. You could benefit from the very new person, at the same time making him/her a better individual in a daily basis, conceivably.

    We commit mistakes and often not aware of those and one of the reasons is that nobody around edifies us to do the right way. It might be that the so-called standard way of ethics or ethical standards which ...
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