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  1. On Movies and How to Use Them To Find Out If You'd Get Along with Certain People

    I like movies. I'm a genuine movie-fan. I like them way better than anything T.V. has to offer, in the same light as why I'm more of a record/cassette tape/MP3 fan than a radio fan.

    Now, we're not here to talk about whether movie stars are better than TV stars, or if the special effects in movies are better off than TV special effects, etc. We're going to talk about choices. With movies, you have a choice of what to watch, and not seemingly "force-fed" by the broadcast networks. ...
  2. Bollywood films and the silence in cold

    I watched my second Bollywood film today with one of my officemates. The movie wasn't that great but the leading lady was gorgeous. One of the guys was Aishwarya Rai's real husband who I've always thought looks scary in the pictures I've seen of him on the internet. His character wasn't scary at all, though - just the opposite - so it was fun seeing him in a different light. The other guy looked like a young Albert Martinez; he had too many 'wet' scenes - some with him on the beach and the others ...

    Updated 12-04-2008 at 04:44 AM by splendid moonlight

  3. A Direct Result of Item Number 1

    I think people spend way too much time...

    1) Watching TV

    2) Waiting for the workday to end

    3) Worrying about how they look in public

    4) Talking about other people

    5) Talking about absolutely useless and irrelevant things (by this I mean, they themselves are totally aware that what they're talking about is absolutely useless and irrelevant, yet they elect to keep on doing it anyway)

    6) Drinking booze
  4. waiting... in vain.

    ..this is what I hate the most...

    ..the exam is over, the results is what it is anticipated...

    ..even though our greatest challenge has been done for now, it still remains unscathed for now

    ..we soon-to-be nurses are being held off by this kind of exam we partake for the careers we surely pursued... discourages me to think that the waiting i meant would span longer that what it used to be..

    ..the results is still underway, may ...
    Me, Myself, and I
  5. The Venus-Jupiter Conjunction, plus the Crescent Moon.

    Was able to take photos of the conjunction or perhaps I can term it as a "mini-massing" of three Celestial bodies...Venus, Jupiter and the moon.

    Here it is at around 5:34pm

    at around 5:50pm

    at around 6:30pm
  6. A Centipede in my room, a new "fake" pistol, two planets and other unrelated stuff

    I jumped off the ground in my room earlier when I discovered a centipede briskly crossing the floor. Hey I can take beetles, slugs, roaches, and spiders in my room (provided they are willing subjects for photography), but damn, a centipede is too much. I saw it trying to climb into my cabinet so I sprayed it on the head with an insecticide at point blank. It made kisay-kisay for a few minutes and promptly disappeared underneath my cabinet, where I presume it died (I hope). I then went a bit berzerk ...

    Updated 11-30-2008 at 08:32 PM by rodsky

  7. "Cradles" for my "babies"

    Had some moolah to burn, so I went on a sort of shopping spree...

    ...and bought a cradle for my baby...a rifle hardcase for my M4-CQBR airsoft carbine...

    ...lots of room for goodies like my EOTech and Aimpoint replicas, plus 2 PMAGs... finally solved a storage problem! ...

    Updated 11-28-2008 at 07:19 PM by rodsky

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