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    Sa una sige ko basa dire kato forum na ghost/paranormal nagsubay jud ko ato..kato member dire nga nganlan "teda" nga naay 3rd eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeoR View Post
    We hope to update istorya in the next few weeks in time for its 22nd anniversary.
    kani maoy nindot, hopefully ma limpyohan unta ang mga bots master. Curious lang sad ko master if ga earn gihapon ang mga admin ani despite nga medyo dli na updated? Like earning sa ads etc..

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    This has never earned any money. There was a short span of time wherein it made a little bit more than how much it cost to run, but it didn't last long.

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    please bring back the `spirituality and occult section` para ma lingaw. hehehe

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    newbie here!

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    Yes, is still active, but it seems like there are more bot-generated posts nowadays, especially in the buy and sell section. I used to be active here 10 years ago, but now it's not as clear. Just checking in to see if any of the original members are still around. CEO

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    Ka enjoy dri sa una labi na during sinolog nga naay EB.. hopefully mabalik ka sadya like unsa ka bibo dre sa una.. long live istoryans ����

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    ayoooo mingaw naman diri lugara sayang. dipa uso facebook diri jud ta ka palit mga barato buy and sell sa unang panahun

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