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    I dreamed of of being a Doctor then that changed to Pilot then changed to Lawyer. Now I am nowhere near that as I am working as a Network Operations Engineer in the IT sector.

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    I wanted to be space engineer, or some space traveler anyway. I seen some USA and USSR experiments with that and always wanted to be a part in that !! Does anybody know if they still (Any of them or someone else) doing space journeys ? Please let me know

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    Dugay naman kong grown up. Akong dream job back when I was young was seaman unta ko.

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    Good afternoon! It is not so simple question. Many depends on what exactly do you like, how much money do you want, what skills and experience do you have. Try to search something which you like, some vacancies relevant for you hobby. As for me I always liked to write and I found cool online job on maybe this will be interesting for you too.

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    social media influencer...

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    Like any child, I wanted to become an actress, then a singer, and of course a president, LOL. But one day, it so happened that I ended up in the hospital. I was looked after by a fine nurse who made the hospital stay less scary. And that's when I decided to become a nurse. As I grew older, I became more and more interested in medical colleges and universities. Before going to university, I came across this page, which had an article on nursing work. And this strongly reinforced my desire to become a nurse. Now I am studying for my dream specialty. I want to someday become as excellent a nurse as that girl from my childhood.

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    Well, when I was a little boy, I wanted to be an actor, because my hobby was movies. But now I have another hobby - 3D printing and I spend a lot of time on it.I also want to create my own YouTube channel about 3D printing. But for the last six months, I've been putting it off because there were a lot of problems besides. But maybe this summer I will do it. I still want to buy a new 3D printer, a more professional one, and a good camera to shoot video. It certainly takes a lot of money, but I hope mr slot will help me with that. So maybe someday I will become a famous blogger)
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    Since childhood, I have been very fond of fashion, especially when I look at street style photographs, be they celebrities from the past or today's influencers. I appreciate fashion for the sense of personality it brings! So I grew up and became a headwear designer

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