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    I'm working as a Software Developer, but I've been voluntarily sidetracked to System and Network Administration for a while now. Learning this stuff would come in handy. The Raspberry Pi 2 is very enticing as well.

    Can I be part of the team to do the QAs for the course?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cai_cai View Post
    Just an update.

    I've been busy travelling and seeing what people want in this course. I'm half way finished rewriting the first course.

    I am looking for 2-4 volunteers who would be interested in learning.

    I basically need some people to QA the course to see if it would suit local standards as well as doing some formatting of the material.

    I am looking to give Raspberry Pi 2 to the candidates upon successful completion of helping me finalise the course.

    Any takers?
    I'm a Unix/Linux (Solaris/Debian based distro) trainer specifically in Systems and Network administrations with CEDFIT, Informatics, MDC and now SPUD.

    Send me your requirements.

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    All, due to the amount of inquiries both here in Cebu and Manila, can you please register here.. DigiTech Partners Training - DigiTech Partners

    Preference at this point for volunteers is students/people looking to break into IT.

    Thanks for your interest.

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    Hi TS, any update on this one?

    I'm also interested to be part of your QA Team. I am an experienced Systems and Network Admin with a great deal of passion for Unix/AIX training. Actually planning to get an AIX certification as soon as I'm already confident with preparations.

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    Hello TS,
    Can I volunteer, or just even observe how you guys work, I have a little knowledge in linux but not as much as you guys. Planning to learn some skills. How can I join?

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    nice plan ts, huwat lng mis update, tnx

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    @cai_cai...naa na ba kay update ani sir? looking forward to utilize, improve and develop my current skills in AIX/Unix, Linux.

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    me too sense u mentioned about raspberry pi im interested specially if there theres a project.

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    Up natu ni kung available na sa cebu.

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    All, sorry for the delayed response, I've been traveling (currently in Australia) catching up with ex workmates/friends who are infrastructure/enterprise architects in some of the large companies here. One works for a telco, the other a very large cloud provider. I'm trying to gauge what's needed in the long term with regards to other course content.

    I am also thinking of relocating from Manila to Cebu. I'm planning this in the next 3 months or so.

    Will keep you all posted in this thread.

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