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Thread: The Kicker Club

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    Category for Car Competition

    1. Best in Auto Drop
    2. Best in Wheels
    3. Best in Stock
    4. Best in Modification
    5. Best in Engine display
    6. Best in Interior
    7. Best in Sound set-up
    8. Best in SQL
    9. Best in DB Drag
    10. Best European
    11. Best American
    12. Best Japanese
    13. Best S.U.V
    14. Best Vintage
    15. Best in Car graphics
    16. Best in Custom paint
    17. Best in Straight paint
    18. Best in Race set-up
    19. Best in Burn out
    20. Best in Auto Group
    21. Best in Auto Presentation
    22. Best in Engine Roar
    23. Robinson’s Place Auto Choice
    24. Peoples choice
    25. Best in Show

    Category for Non Vehicle Exhibitors Competition

    1. Best in Product Display
    2. Best in Area Presentation
    3. Best in Sponsor’s Activity

    Miss Calabarzon Motor Show 2006

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    Kicker Club Member @ Bumper to Bumper 2
    [img width=500 height=332][/img]
    [img width=500 height=332][/img]

    Join us ->

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    Kicker Club - Video Presentation during the lunching party

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    Kicker Team of Cebu - there will be a General Membership meeting on Jan 13, 2006
    Agenda: To finalized the CORE group (Pioneering members)

    Please follow the link below for details. Thanks

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    There will be an EB together with VMAC on Feb. 17, 2007 at AudioPro in Lahug infront of USP.. there are plenty of parking inside the Hotel.

    Please come and join us.. see some kicker setup and audition!!

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    Introducing the Kicker Club Philippines Text Line
    Kicker Club Philippines has taken it to the next level introducing our very own text hotline. Get the latest news, updates, events and happenings and other informations through text. To register just key in your mobile phone ON<space>STOPLIGHT<space>KCP and send it to 2948 for all mobile networks

    New Home ->

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    This is what will happen when you start kickin the bass hehe

    [img width=500 height=375][/img]
    [img width=500 height=375][/img]

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    Message from Angel - The President

    Guys kicker is launching their newest products with Kicker Club Philippines on April 26, 2008 @ Ortigas Home Depot 3pm-12mn. We will do actual in-your-car product demonstrations using their very mobile plug on luggage set-up composed of an amp,sub and seps. Be blown away with Kicker in the comfort of ur own car and earn a limited shirt for FREE!!

    KCP members: i would need your entire support to make this possible...we have 2 units available and per hour we can do 3 cars....we are targeting 50 cars for this day....we'll have 2 tents set-up from kicker US......i have invited several car clubs to support us plus the foot traffic on this day so we are optimistic that we can hit the figures we're targeting....

    Now, i know this is gonna be alotta work but what's in it for us for every member who would participate this day....Kicker US is actually giving us the original p4,000.00 worth jacket we have all been dying to get...yeap the exact jacket jimmy has hehehe.....kaya wag nyo na nakawin yung kay jimmy we're getting our own basta tulungan tayo to make this a success...i would need every help i could get....20 jackets are at stake...attendance will be checked...and your efforts will definitely count....

    guys for those confirmed i need to set up committees....

    mac and jimmy automatic committee head tayo ha....

    i need people to be in charge of the following....let me know if ur available

    3 people for the actual in-car demo shifting toh so we need at least 6

    people to manage foot traffic for registration

    1 person to be in charge of attendance and registration

    1 person to be in charge of newbie registration

    and everyone else to assist on encouraging people to actually try the demo

    IMPORTANT NOTE: all members including newbies should be wearing Kicker shirts the white ones that we previously gave out if u dont have one wear PLAIN WHITE SHIRTS and make sure to have ur attendance check this are all mandatory otherwise you will not be qualified for the jackets....

    please log on to our website at and check other details

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    uP for thE cLuB

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