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    A conventional battery, as we all know, has a positive and negative terminal. The chemical reaction within creates a flow of electrons, causing an electronic device (in this case an amplifier) to work. The stiffening capacitor is similar to a battery in that it stores a charge. The fundamental difference is it cannot create electrons. It can only store and supply (discharge) them upon demand. The advantage with a capacitor is that it discharges in twenty thousandth of a second, unlike a battery that does in one second. The battery therefore cannot discharge fast enough to effectively supply the amplifier and this is the reason for “power sags.” WAKE UP! Don’t fall asleep just yet; we’re getting to the exciting part.

    The XSTATIC BATCAP is simply a battery that can discharge just as quickly as a capacitor. Therefore, you have a constant supply of electrons that will discharge at lightning speed! This puts less strain on your stock alternator and battery. It also recharges faster than a conventional battery since the internal resistance is low. How about the install? Well I’m sure you can find a place to put this 2.5 lb. baby and his 5 lb. big brother. Don’t let the size fool you though. These BATCAPS can crank start your car, and you can bet we put that to the test!

    The cost is another remarkable feature since the 300 model costs the same as a “High End” stiffening capacitor and the 400 model costs a little more. Remember, “good things come in small packages.” (I was going to say that “SIZE” doesn’t matter, but let’s not offend anyone now.) Oh, by the way, the fact that the BATCAP is capable of discharging in a RUSH over a 5-10 second period SCREAMS three letters, “SPL!”

    Batcap X 300 P14,650.00
    300 CCA (Cold Peak Starting Amps)
    300 Amps for 5 seconds !!
    Dimensions: 6.9 x 7.3 x 10.75 cm (1.25 kgs)

    Batcap X 400 P18,150.00
    400 CCA (Cold Peak Starting Amps)
    400 Amps for 8 seconds !!
    Dimensions: 8 x 9.4 x 13.8 cm (2.5 kgs)

    Batcap X 800 P21,800.00
    800 CCA (Cold Peak Starting Amps)
    Dimensions: 16.5 x 17.8 x 7.6 cm (7 kgs)

    Batcap X 2000 P30,750.00
    2,000 CCA (Cold Peak Starting Amps), 50 Ah
    Dimensions: 16.5 x 17.8 x 15.25 cm (17 kgs)

    Batcap X 3000 P42,700.00
    3,000 CCA (Cold Peak Starting Amps), 80 Ah
    Dimensions: W17.3 x H20.1 x L25.9 cm (29 kgs)

    Batcap X 4000 P51,400.00
    4,000 CCA (Cold Peak Starting Amps), 100 Ah
    Dimensions: W17.2 x H21.9 x L33 cm (40 kgs)

    Battery Post (2pcs) P1,620.00
    Battery Terminal for X800, X2000, X3000, X4000
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    The power pack is just a 35 farad capacitor? I'd go with the extra battery over a capacitor any day.
    (4) BATCAP 8400'S
    (1) MEMPHIS 4KW
    (2) 12" MEMPHIS MCAST D2

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