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Thread: Avoid Debts ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmorsoloX View Post
    a better advice..

    use debt to make you richer...

    impossible mag-negosyo kung di wala ka capital.. kung di ka kamao mangutang (from whatever source), di jud ka mka start negosyo that will generate "decent" profits..

    yeah, you could use your savings, but that would probably take you a very long time..
    Asa man nindot mangutang bro? Banks or other financing firms?

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    There are two kinds of debt, good debt and bad debt.
    Good debt brings in more money to your pocket.
    Bad debt draws out more money from your pocket.
    Manage your good debt and avoid bad debt.
    Very successful businessmen and businesses have debts, some even millions or billions, but these debts make more money for them.

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    Avoiding debts is a financial mastery move that sets you on a path of stability. I've learned the importance of staying vigilant in managing finances. Speaking of which, if you ever find yourself dealing with canceled debts, navigating the tax implications can be tricky. The 1099 c pdf form is a crucial document in such scenarios. It reports the canceled amount to the IRS, and you can conveniently access it on PDFLiner. The platform offers a user-friendly experience to find, fill, and manage various forms. It's an invaluable resource for staying on top of your financial paperwork. Remember, the key to financial wellness is not just earning but managing wisely.

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