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Thread: Only Child

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    Quote Originally Posted by xinevirtucio View Post
    The only child who started this thread is now a mother!

    and it is not easy...and it will never be easy...but it is very rewarding..



    hi onlies
    Congratulations mommy...

    nya, manghoran pud na nimo or only child ghapon?

    Quote Originally Posted by malditah View Post
    hello.. gibasa jud nako gikan page 1... nkarelate kos uban. only child pud ko raised by my beloved single mom.

    * jeolous type, pero ill try not to show it (iluom)
    * hilabtan akong things nga way pananghid (ulbo kaspa)
    * often misunderstood, difficult to handle
    * sensitive
    * diko friendly (thus the username), socially selective.
    lablyf naaah.... mas enjoy ko alone..hihi

    only child nga Leo ....raaawwwr...hahahaha
    alone ghapon imo lablayf sizst?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kricket View Post
    alone ghapon imo lablayf sizst?
    technically yes.... LDR man... pero I'm happy... and i hope he is.

    OnT: clingy pud mo sa inyung love?

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    I'm an only child... and I only hung out with my parents... greatest people I've ever had so far... =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passport View Post
    gubot pas lukot if parehas mo nga bugtong bai..

    very flammable kaayo na nga combination. boyfriend is an only child pud, parehas mi.
    yes very flammable mi together but in other aspect..hihi

    so far, okay rman mi... ask niya ko niya if okay ra ba mi... hahaha

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    naa koy ex na only child pud xa.. way buot oi. bata bataon kaayo. like pabebe kaayo. dependent kaayo nko. liman ka, tulog, kaun, work ug laag ra jud xa.. tanan lihok sa balay akoa.. astang pag laba sa iyang panty, akoy mulaba.. when her mother put end our relationship sa akong ex.. mura kog natangtangan ug tunok. nyhahahaha.

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    Kayasaaa! Unsay balita aning grupoha. Kumusta mga ka only? Happy 2024 sa tanan.

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