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    Default 'Auspicious Buddhist flower' blooms in China after 3000 yrs

    'Auspicious Buddhist flower' blooms in China after 3000 yrs

    Buddhist Channel | Buddhism News, Headlines | S/N Korea | Udumbara Flower Blossoms Seen in Korea

    a sign or warning ba kne?

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    if I may ask, can you please specify what "warning" that is?

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    'Auspicious Buddhist flower' blooms in China after 3000 yrs

    A Chinese nun has found an Udumbara flower, which Buddhist legend holds blossoms every 3,000 years, growing under her washing machine.

    The flower was found in the home of a Chinese nun in Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi province.

    The Udumbara - apparently Sanskrit for an auspicious flower from heaven' - measures just 1 mm in diameter and is said to find mentions in Buddhist mythology on account of its supposed rarity.

    The newspaper said Miao Wei, 50, discovered the white flower under her washing machine.

    It said after mistaking its "barely-there stems" as worm eggs, she found that they had grown 18 white tiny flowers the next day and smelled "fragrant".

    Local temples believe the mini blooms are specimens of the "miraculous" Udumbara.


    science in a way na mu bloom ni xa "every 3000 years"... (or a myth)

    but accdg to this
    The Rarest Flowers | Scienceray

    The 38 pieces of very small white flowers measuring a diameter of 1mm was found by a Chinese farmer – Mr. Ding – growing in his steel pipes. Youtan Poluo is a legendary flower thought to exist only in the Buddhist scriptures. According to botanical experts, the flower only blooms once every 3000 years.

    According to Indian Myth, the flower only blossoms when the Sage King of the future visits the present world. Youtan Poluo is translated in Sanskrit as “Udumbara” or “Udambara” flower. Similar phenomenon has occurred at Chonggye-sa Temple in Seoul when the flower blossomed on the Buddha statue’s forehead.

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    hmmm... very strange flower indeed...

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    Hail thy Udumbara flower!

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