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    Default Forum Rules & Guidelines

    The forum name should be obvious, but this forum is intended SOLELY for members of the faith ... any faith. Here are a few ground rules. You have been warned.

    • If you have come here to bash another's beliefs, YOU WILL GET AN INFRACTION.
    • If you have come here to try to prove the faithful wrong, YOU WILL GET AN INFRACTION.
    • It's simple, post with the knowledge that all posts and topics in this forum assume that God/Gods in any shape or form exists.
    • If you are a person with faith, you have NO RIGHT to question another's beliefs. If you do, YOU WILL GET AN INFRACTION.
    • Infractions here will grant you THREE(3) points. That means you only need TWO(2) infractions to get a mute here. A third will get you a temp ban. If you have three infractions already and get an infraction in this forum, you get a mute.
    • Only senior members and above are able to post in this forum. This will not be discussed or changed.

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    yeah! nice one!

    kay daghan jud bashing katong old threads...

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    Maayo na ug set-up ang S&O, nice na kaayo...............
    Thanks Mods.......

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    nice ...
    Last edited by Angel Sky; 01-11-2010 at 03:15 PM.

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    nice2x thanks!

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    tsssht... copy that... tssshht

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    i know kinsa tong ma-infraction... hahaha....

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    bacn mahimo ning chatroom. hehe..
    i think i-close/lock na ni... pm na lng cguro ang mga admin/mods kung naay questions.

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