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    Guys, anybody who knows a software development company here in cebu. I only know 4 them, Esprint, Hypertech, Prime Software and M2... need to do some canvassing for a certain customized application software. Thanks.

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    hmmm.. Usually people just go for independent developers for a custom application software. It's cheaper... Cause if you go for companies like that, you're going to pay all the development cost incurred (plus profit) for you customized software application. Not to include the lincense and even sometimes renewal of the lincense.

    Here are some more software development companies (I'm not sure what you're looking for, so I'll just name what I know):
    NEC Telecom Software Philippines, Inc. (E-Office One, IT Park, Lahug) - telecommunications
    ADTX (PDI building, Banilad) - telecommunications and multimedia solutions
    NPax (Some compound as Esprint)
    AccountMate (Some compound as Esprint) - business accounting solutions
    NgKhai (Mandaue) - not sure if they still do softeware developments...
    MTO Technotrends, Inc. (Hernan Cortes St., Subangdaku) - sales and digital security solutions
    Alliance Software, Inc. (North Road Plaza Building, Basak, Mandaue)
    Infoweapons (Skyrise building, IT Park) - hardware-bundled security solutions

    Hope this helps...

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    you can hire freelance programmers..its much more cheaper..:mrgreen:

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    INFOTECH KONSULT, INC. offers the same service as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalsuperman
    you can hire freelance programmers..its much more cheaper..:mrgreen:
    you're right :mrgreen:
    but the risks are,
    -what if the hired programmer will resign in the middle of the project? "Time Consuming"
    -could the hired programmer survive in 5years? incase if there are additional/updated modules.

    it depends on you, if you select
    software development company, consider the cost but less wait...
    hiring programmers, consider the timeline but less cost (period of developing)...

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