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    Default what's ..our pregnancy vitamins?

    pls share.. i don't like taking ferrous sulfate jud it makes me vomit kada mu inom ko..

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    obimin(AM) + caltrate(AM,PM) + folart(PM)

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    iberet wd folic n elevit

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    terraferron--mao mani vitamins sa ako gf kato buntis pa cya.

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    better ask ur OB

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    Quote Originally Posted by vixenshoppe View Post
    pls share.. i don't like taking ferrous sulfate jud it makes me vomit kada mu inom ko..
    better ask ur ob ms. iron is very important for a pregnant woman...

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    yes OB gyud dapat imo adtoan kay kabalo na sila ug ilis para moangay sa imoha
    kada check not less than 250pesos hehehe grabe na karon mahal ilang words nya less than 30minutes ra ilang spend usahay to talk to u..grabe noh?
    no offense sa mga doctors pero sa ako paminaw medyo mahal ra gyud sila mo bill.
    di man ko doctor pero grabe ra ang pricing heheehe opps na OT ko
    di kaha sila ma konsyinsya if example IT person ko nagkavirus ilang celfon or computer, e bill nako ug 1k for cleaning it..ganahan kaha ang mga doctor ana? ug kada tawag nila sa ISP for tech support e bill sila ug 250 instead of libre ganahan kaha sila?
    anyways highways...
    miss/mrs pag adto nalang sa OB kay sila DAW ang expert ana na mga butanga hehehe usahay lahi lahi na OB gasumpaki ila e suggest sa buros..make sure ka timing ka sa saktong OB

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    sis take ferrous sulfate on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal and ako sauna usahay after taking it mukaon ko candy...paninguhaa nga dili nimo i-vomit for your baby's sake and yours also,ako sauna mahadlok kau ko mupalta inom sa ako mga pre-natal vits. kay mahadlok man ko magka-spina bifidus(developmental birth defects) ako bb.

    importance of Iron:

    >they help to manufacture hemoglobin, which will in turn help you to maintain the energy required during pregnancy.

    >Iron is very vital for the fetus; it is the only nutrient which the fetus depends totally on the mother for the supply.
    >Lack of iron will also endanger the mother should she face excessive bleeding
    during delivery. discuss your situation with your OB...Baby dust!

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    Hemobion and Anmum everyday mao ra ni vitamins sa ako wife kato buntis pa cya..

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    Nag pre-natal vitamins ko sa healthy options, iron, I'm also taking Omega 3 (low dosage) my ob said it helps daw in baby's brain development..

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