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    Arrow Buy a car, free driver!

    kani libre og driver kung mopal8 ka og auto..ehehehe

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    basi naa na talent fee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennbriel View Post
    basi naa na talent fee.
    free ra na bro..ehehhe

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    bro pila ang dozena sa imo auto...
    mopalit mi dri... hatod dayon sa amoa.... bayad cash!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolguyiam20 View Post
    free ra na bro..ehehhe
    aw mas maau na imo offer bro. heheehehhe!!!

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    bro sugod ko bid.

    $ 500, 000, 000.00

    Wala nay mopalag kay tagaan lagi ta mo hehe

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    tagpila mn sad ang auto? hahahahha

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    kinsa mkig.tunga sa gasto? inyo auto ako lang ang free )

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    naa na lisinsya ang driver?

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