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    Default Techniques of a Good Photographer

    Well you please give some ideas, how to capture a good pictures..Techniques and some other stuffs....

    I.apil nlng sad ang commonly used cams and lenses...


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    always use tripod if u have SHAKY hands

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    must have a good slr camera film or digital...and eye for beautifull things

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    eagle eyes godlike mode!!! like mr. amper campana

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEMONOCIETY View Post
    always use tripod if u have SHAKY hands

    unsa na sir? thnks sa mga ideas ha

    uhm unsa pa lain?

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    take multiple shot on a subject you want... para daghan ka pilian ... ayaw pa ininot sa imo SD/COMPACT flash :P

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    if ur to lazy to bring a tripod, u can always use ur face towel just like a bean bag

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    thnks sa mga ideas....more pa mga Master.....heheh

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    bring a hand sanitizer, to prevent some unwanted tagiptips in your lens focusing & zoom ring grip and camera body grip

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    More from the masters...

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