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    pagda ug laptop ani waterboy/

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    Uhm naa jud ni siya? Every Saturday jud ni?

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    Uhm waterboy, if naa ka sa McDo, kinsae naa didto? How about we'll start with ourselves para naay mosunod? I'm so effin' interested for this gathering!

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    Formatting my Win7 netbook. Ako ibalik to XP with Fedora 11. Up lang tah ani.

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    I'm a loser. D nako ma install ang Fedora 11. I hope mainstall ninyo unya inyo ko tudloan Currently installing Ubuntu, and sooner or later will transfer to Arch

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    sige pa ne? gusto ko muapil para makat un ko sa linux. newbie pa ko aneng linux.

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    This is nice ... kindly i push nyo ni nga gathering regularly coz were planning to sponsor an overnight open source gathering in the office .. we will provide the facilities you guys needed (aircon lecture room,internet,coffee) and if possible ill setup a simple unix server for you guys to play around with. All you need to bring is I guess your laptops/workstations.

    BTW ... plano palang ni ha! We still have to ask our big bosses kung mosugot
    ALONE:Hated and Punished

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    Nice ka! Count me in, sir.

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    Apil ko ani...

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    this is nice, what if naay tao nga walay laptop?

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