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    Default need help on how to set network for hamachi

    have installed the software, can connect to vpn, chat, etc. BUT cannot ping and see games created by people.

    my friend can ping me, but i can't ping them. games that i create can be seen by them but are very lag when played, but i can't see any of thier side when they host games. saon mani?

    default ra setting sa hamachi, then sa windows firewall naka unblock nasad. saon mani? di gyud lagi ma ping.

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    sa imo friend kai iya ba gi unblock pd sa firewall nya ang hamachi? try dw turn off ang windows firewall nya pa create sila og mka kita ba ka sa ila gi create..

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    unblocked naman tanan sa firewall? aside sa firewall naa day lain mag block sa program?

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    yep.. basg naa siya lain firewall gi install.. 3rd party programs..

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