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    Default The Past VS The Present: The New and the Ex-

    would you agree?

    [size=18px]it's more painful if your guy/gurl dumps you to find someone new compared to having your guy/gurl break up with you to get back with his/her ex.[/size]

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    yah it's painful but i can't force him to love me, when she really love his ex, psagdan nlang nako cla. ako nalang buhaton, (drink a little, cry a little, laugh a little.) then kabalo ko maka recover lang ko. dali ra nah. tym will heal

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    i rather choose the new one...

    why? for a reason that i think
    we have gone a long way and have known each
    other that much. once is enough forgive and forget
    don't let the past get you, move on to your new

    Their is a lot of things you need to learn aside from
    your EX....

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    i think mas sakit kung new one iya e puli nako... kuan man gud... it would then be a question of what i lack as a gurlfriend but if he would break up with me to get back with his ex, mas ma take pa nako kay meaning, he just wasnt over the gurl. mas love lang jud cguro to niya...

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    I see your problem now CRINK's...

    well that's if the guy and the girl break-up for a shallow reason.
    eventhough they LOVE each other that much.
    That is a reasonable way... kung magkabalik sila but who knows in
    the end maybe it's you who got the better end.

    I think i am not making that much of a sense in this thread at this post...

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    it's a lot painful if one is being dumped becuase of the dumper's ex. most probably the dumper never really fell in love with the one being dumped in the first place.

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    but in my opinion past is past let us move on
    whatever might the cost of what has happened
    before it's a LOVE that we must learn to deal,
    live it and learn, the past sometimes can help
    us to be strong.
    It's upto you now how you deal with yourself
    with it.

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    ex kay abi nko ok na mi tapos makigbalik sya... sakit kay na oi.. mura kag gibuang lang niya...

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    it's basically the same thing to me.

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    Default the NEW and the EX

    ah grabeha oi.... walay both? ex and new ra jud?

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