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    mao diay wala ko ka install... mo error or wala man harddisk makita...

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    hackintosh?... ive heard na sa net before but not im interested on it, why not?

    ako daw i try sa ako acer extensa 5220 laptop, if ok bah...

    i know its a risk but its fun....

    post ko soon if successful or not ..

    right now im downloading KALYWAY 10.5.2 as a torrent file, wala pa man nahuman uy, hope dili ko maabtan ug 48 years magpaabot ani... hehehehehe

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    for knowledge sake pwede ko ni suklan ang hackintosh..pero ngan man gyud nga mahimo man diay ni sa ubuntu tapos wa pa sakit sa ulo...pero mas nindot og orig na lang gyud dba? paghinayhinay lang gud og tigom. pangita og bagol sa lubi tapos lungagi nga masigo ang tag 10php coin para mao na imong itagak didto. wa ta kabalo after 3yrs makapalit na og mac dba?

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    my problem sa akong hackintosh kay... dili na mo run akong final cut pro 6 sa leopard 10.5.4 up... ngano kaha ni... no problem man unta ko ani sa tiger ug up to leo 10.5.3 I like the latest istro ni upChuck iATKOS 10.5.7 dili lang gihapon mo run ang Final Cut.... hu hu hu ..... but everything works super fast.... akong laptop is always at full speed... hurot hurot jud ug battery... weeee.... I'm more on performance coz Im a multimedia editor and a mac is the way to go...

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    this is the old stuff..

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    Quote Originally Posted by cYbOrG View Post
    katong naka try ug mactel, hackintosh or whatever its called, share naman dyan....
    wala pa mahuman akong kalyway leopard ug DL, hinay aung torrent, but id like to know mOre in advance..

    ive read stuff somewhere, but i havent read a bisdak who dd it..thanks!!!
    I download the kalyway and install it to vmware server running on ubuntu 8.04. After the installation, it just work without tweak,hacks and whatsoever.

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    naka try ko ani.. make sure na capable imo mga hardware sa imong downloadon na hackintosh...

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    know ur hardware specs, before installing, then install manually with regards to your specs info.

    mao ni nka lahi kay automatic detection ang sa windows intallation, ang hackintosh kay mahulog cya ug manually selecting ur drivers according to your hardware.

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    cool sad kaau ni hackintosh... mac/linux rocks!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobd3rd View Post
    cool sad kaau ni hackintosh... mac/linux rocks!!!
    its because mac is built from UNIX same thing that made up linux and all distro...

    anyways, does anyone here tried eFix USB Dongle?, installing OSX without modification..

    i have friends have tried hackintosh with no problem ill try to post their specs here if they give it to me...
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