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    dats great an xpert in hackintosh...
    do u mind f we ask u 2 make a tutorial 4 ol of us so d rest wud also enjoy d wonderful world of mac?

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    bitaw bro mag ubuntu nalang ta..

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    bro, you've mentioned in your previous post that you're running iATKOS on your
    HP laptop and that everything is working ok. i would wager a bet that you did
    plenty of stuff post-install to get that "everything is working ok", right?
    so you know first hand that there's not a single silver bullet tutorial that
    will fit everyone. so i won't bother. it's pointless really. this reads,
    "i'm not pyschic. i don't know what hardwares others have on their pc".
    if you're running a hackintosh now then you already know this. that's
    probably the reason why you didn't write one yourself

    what i would much rather do is give pointers,advise,gotchas and lessons i've
    learned along the way. i already gave some on my previous post and here are
    some more.....

    1) it's HARD.

    getting os x up and running is easy enough. getting all the hardware working is
    another story. you have to be fairly comfortable working on the terminal. this
    is where you'll spend time post-install modifying property files to get some
    hardware working. if you know vi then you got that one covered. you'll be
    moving files (kext dirs) around. checking/changing file/directory permissions.
    if you have *nix/linux experience you have this made. at rare times, you'll need
    to hex edit an executable binary file. it's not called a "hack"int0sh for
    nothing. all in all, you have to be fairly technical to pull these things off.
    while you can have a fully working hardy heron up and running in less than an
    hour, it may take days to get all hardware running under hackint0sh. which
    brings me to the next item...

    2) do your homework.

    the first of these homeworks is, know your hardware. it's not enough to know
    that you have an nvidia or ati gpu, a broadcom integrated lan, intel/atheros
    wifi or you have a realtek 5.1/6.1/7.1 channel audio. knowing just that won't
    help one bit. you have to know the chipset model#. on a gpu this is not hard.
    it's plastered all over the box. for integrated lan/audio, you have to look it
    up on your mobo's manual or the specs at your vendor's website. also get your
    hardwares vendor/product ids. "lspci -nn" on linux or device manager on windows.

    once you have these info, the next homework is research if your hardware is
    hackint0sh supported. so if your target osx is leopard, you might google
    "leopard realtek alc883" if you have realtek alc883 audio chipset or something
    like "leopard nvidia geforce 9800 GX2" for the rich folks with money to burn.
    you get the idea. usually the hits returned are links to insanelymac or i used to go to these sites directly but the signal-to-noise
    ratio in there now are so low you have to wade thru a lot to get a little bit of
    usable info. coz people just start a thread blindly asking questions that have
    been answered on other threads. basically people who are just too lazy to do a
    quick search first. don't be like that, eh

    these initial research will save a lot of headaches/heartaches. you'll know
    beforehand how much work post-install you'll be doing. you'll also know of deal
    breakers even before you waste bandwidth downloading the 4GB+ installer that
    might not work for you. like if you're gpu is not known to work or will not work
    with QE/CI enabled you just might throw in the towel before you even start.
    QE/CI, aside from making osx pretty, is needed by most productivity tools/apps.
    on a desktop this is easily remedied, buy a supported gpu. most current
    nvidia/ati gpus are supported but please research before you take a pick.
    wifi is another is another PITA to get working. osx only have drivers for
    atheros and broadcom chipset based wifis and
    not all atheros/broadcom chipsets are supported. intel 2200/3945/4965 have
    partial support via iwidarwin project. there's a cheap solution for wifi on
    osx. it's from our own "love to hate/hate to love" store, cdrking. they have
    a usb wifi based on realtek's rtl8187 chipset and realtek have tiger/leopard
    driver for it on their website. btw, cdrking have this pc remote control
    hardware that almost works with frontrow. it just lacks an "Esc" key that's
    crucial to navigating frontrow's menu. it won't let you go back up w/c is a deal
    breaker. i'm thinking of writing a driver for it. currently my hardware is
    broken and the replacement is also broken. oh how i love to hate them but i can't

    3) take precautions.

    when you already have a running hackint0sh take precautions when doing stuff
    that has a potential to break it. like backup kexts before modifying/replacing
    them.for those not running vanilla kernel,keep a backup of your current running
    kernel. if in case you did something that replaced it with a kernel that won't
    let you boot, you could always boot your backup kernel at darwin's boot prompt.
    press F8 after the BIOS post and before osx gets booted. it's easy to get into
    if you have multiboot menu (grub perhaps) or if you've added a timeout in your at the boot prompt enter, /name_of_backup_kernel -s -f.
    -s if you want to boot singleuser mode. at times the only option if you've
    messed up kexts and you can't get into the loginwindow. -f to force osx to
    rebuild its driver cache.
    software update is also something you need to be careful. most software update
    pushed by apple are safe. quicktime, itunes and the likes. used to be the only
    update you need watch out for is the osx update. this update brings with it
    a new kernel and updated kexts. for those that can't run vanilla kernel, this is
    a no-no. this update is a sure killer for them. if you have such a system, you
    will have to wait for the hacked kernel to be released or a repackaged
    updater with the hacked kernel included. sometime back apple pushed a time
    machine update which came with a new kernel. it broke a lot of systems. this is
    what i've said osx update is no longer the only thing you need to watch out for.
    so what i do now is load updates into pacifist first (download them from apple's
    website first). so i can see what files it carry, if it's safe or not. a bit
    paranoid but beats having to guess what broke the system after "blindly" doing
    an update.

    the best precaution and i've already said this in my previous post is multiboot.
    have another bootable osx partition handy.

    there are still things that i want to write but this post is already way too
    long. another post and another time perhaps.
    i just want to reiterate the "it's HARD" part. the point of it is to warn
    people trying out hackint0sh for the first time with a mindset along the lines,
    "folks got it running, how hard could it be". even if you're not technically
    challenged, it's hard. and if you're not prepared to do post-install stuff
    thinking that it'll "just work", you best not try. the worst mindset would be,
    "i'll just pop in this installer, start the installer, have some popcorn and
    wait for my soon-to-be-ready, 100% working hackint0sh". even you're lucky enough
    to have a system that worked 100% right off after install. the next osx update
    is bound to break it if you're not careful. then you're back to the "it's HARD"
    part again trying to get it fixed.

    there you go. not a howto but i hope someone finds it not utterly useless.
    Last edited by devnull; 06-21-2008 at 04:41 PM. Reason: missed something

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    Talking is it really that hard?

    google a hardware compatibility list or HCL for version 10.5.2 .. if ur planning to make a hackintosh pc.. pili-a ninyo dha ang mga hardware na fully working or ma resolve ra ang issue..

    @devnull.. i admit its HARD. but its not that really hard if u just try.. tell me how hard could it be if i choose the most compatible hardware in that list? then why should i use the software update? i already know that my install was "hackintosh".. so i know that i should wait for the next "hackintosh" update. =))

    if you already have a pc, and tried osx. and u didnt know before but now nakita nimo na ang imu hardware di jud compatible(maybe in some forums), then why bother? just stop! dont make it hard for urself. kahibaw ngud ka na dili jud compatible.. imu pjud pugson.. ur wasting ur time

    i was lucky that my motherboard was very osx86 compatible..

    @devnull"not a howto but i hope someone finds it not utterly useless."
    -if i were you id change it to "i hope someone finds it useful".. haha

    it was time consuming for me to read! ur 30 minutes in making that post cud be cut down to 5. all you said was hardware compatibility issues and ur backup osx partition.. <- but this one is a good idea

    but i do find ur previous post useful..

    but why do i need grub when there is darwin? lol.. i triple boot xp, osx leopard and ubuntu 8 on my pc with darwin as the bootloader.. maybe you did not succeed in using darwin for your triple boot??.. just a guess.. haha

    yes guys.. install windows first. then osx, then ubuntu if u want to use that grub bootloader..

    and for some others who wants to have osx and not ubuntu.. dont bother installing grub.. itl be useless. use darwin.. its already with osx and it does the job.. darwin is the bootloader that comes with osx.

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    pwede macintosh sa pc lng sa chipset sa board kng pwd D945GCLF na board gamita..dagan lagi mac

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    Ubuntu rocks!

    If you like the look of Mac with the power of Linux, why not install Ubuntu and then install Mac4Lin!
    Here's Ubuntu with Mac4Lin with AWM

    Compiz enabled...

    Here's something a Mac can't do! Now who says Linux looks like crap!

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    bro ix-888, pakit.a pd cla sa water effect sa compiz..mkahilak lagi ug mais..

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    mo work cya, autodetect ang hardware og known ang brand sa imo hardware, pero if comong2 ang brand sa imo hardware ayaw nalang pa toga2 kay wala jud ka driver na ma kita. i tried a realtek(builtin) card wala ma kita pero pag taod nko sa 3com kay wala jud daghan samok, kita dayon driver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scytheb_2501 View Post
    bro ix-888, pakit.a pd cla sa water effect sa compiz..mkahilak lagi ug mais..
    Here's ur request bro Here are some of the effects lng... with Ubuntu 6.xx and upwards . . .



    Burn Effect on Window Close or Minimize

    The Magic Lamp Effect

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    Quote Originally Posted by ix-888 View Post
    Here's ur request bro Here are some of the effects lng... with Ubuntu 6.xx and upwards . . .



    Burn Effect on Window Close or Minimize

    The Magic Lamp Effect

    Nice Bro... nice.... Ubuntu is the best...... Pila man say requirements sa imong video card ani?

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