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    Default Re: HACKINTOSH: kinsay naka try, share experience

    is this guy is for real? i don't believe that linux looks crap and a crap OS. i tried to used that thingy also mac os in the office but i kinda like my ubunto more than the leopard.

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    Default Re: HACKINTOSH: kinsay naka try, share experience

    Quote Originally Posted by box2joe
    is this guy is for real? i don't believe that linux looks crap and a crap OS. i tried to used that thingy also mac os in the office but i kinda like my ubunto more than the leopard.
    Sakto jud.

    He's more into a crap pirated/hack Mac OS than on a stable Linux/BSD OS.

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    Default Re: HACKINTOSH: kinsay naka try, share experience

    Leopard doesn't have those effects.

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    Default Re: HACKINTOSH: kinsay naka try, share experience

    yup! as what iv experienced no other alternative plug-ins for mac and windows that can do the same thing as what linux with compiz fusion can do.

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    Default Re: HACKINTOSH: kinsay naka try, share experience

    system sounds lng wa nko na solve sa Jas Tiger sanguna testing testing. all others, video res, audio, network, etc works

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    Default Re: HACKINTOSH: kinsay naka try, share experience

    yeah yeah yeah mine is better than urs etc..etc..etc..
    ive read these fanbois profanity in the net..

    what you think is cool might be crap for me, deal with it....and it works vice versa...
    this is a free country right?
    and hey, its my thread; keep your balls cool....

    thanks to all those who rig will be in cloud 9 hopefully this weekend.


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    I've been using Hackintosh for a year already... i'm at 10.5.3 now... and it's very stable sa akong Toshiba laptop.

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    ive been using iAtkos for a relatively long time also ang everything works on my HP lappy...
    hehe i like d way u reason out bro... oo nga naman almost everything are relative to ones taste...
    whos balls are hot in here? hehe...

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    Angry Hackintosh Pc

    bro.. i have been running my hackintosh pc now for 6 months already.. using kalyway 10.5.1

    AsRock Conroe 1333-D667
    Intel C2D
    NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT - 512MB (nag install rku sa patch) 714MB detected sa leopard
    tri-boot (xp, leopard, ubuntu)

    sa ako lang, if maanad nka sa leopard kay mas productive jud ka ani na OS.. because its everything in it was designed so that even your lola can use it.. haha.. even kids.. its very user friendly.. and its just doing what u want it to do.. and by the way.. mas kusog ni xa mupadagan ug mga photoshop, audio/video recording/editing softwares/applications kaysa windows.. much faster..

    and lastly.. mao nag install ko ani kay ive said to myself na much better na mag leopard nlng ko or ubuntu kaysa mag vista!

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    i've been running hackint0shes for more than a year now. i started with JaS' 10.4.6. currently i have 3.
    my office pc (p4 3.0ghz ht/asus p5p800vm/fx5600/everything works/leo 10.5.2/toh kernel 9.2.0)
    my home pc (c2d e4300@3.0ghz/foxconn p9657aa-8ks2h/ich8/nv7600gst/alc883/everything works/leo 10.5.3/vanilla kernel)
    i assembled this machine specifically for hackint0sh.
    my wife's laptop (acer tm2420/p-m 740 1.73ghz/gma900/intel 2200bg wifi works but not with wpa/tiger 10.4.11 /toh kernel 8.9.1).

    i have done countless installs / reinstalls and
    there are 3 things i would recommend to people who want to make osx a mainstay on their pc.
    1) install grub as your bootloader. you don't have to install a full linux distro for this. you can have
    grub installed on a partition as little as 10mb. i have mine at 42mb so i can make the partition fat32.
    why fat32? so you can edit menu.lst directly on whichever os you're booted into. may it be windows,
    linux or osx. you can also easily add bootable images like seagate tools and dos images with bios
    flash tools on it. i haven't been lucky in getting the latter to work.
    it seems the award flasher have issues with memdisk.

    2) multiboot. at a minimum have 2 osx bootable partitions. specially when you start using osx for
    work like i do. designate one as your main osx. this is where you do normal stuff, work, etc.
    the other one is your test bed. this where you'll first test osx updates,
    play around with kexts and other stuff that could potentially f*ck up a hackint0sh.

    3) always keep a livecd of your favorite linux distro. i personally prefer ubuntu. it's the one i use to install grub as a bootloader.
    i also do my disk partitioning using fdisk on linux.
    and you can also use it to boot up and do research when your hackint0sh is temporarily dead
    due to a messed up update or whatnot and you have no other bootable partition.
    this research and your bootable hackint0sh installer dvd can still save you.

    if you do go on a multiboot (i can't recommend this enough) with windows as of one your os.
    install windows first before grub. windows will overwrite grub on the mbr when it's installed after it.
    then you'll have to "repair" grub. if you need windows but not for games or heavy stuff (graphics/video/etc.)
    then i suggest you virtualize it inside osx using parallels or vmware fusion.
    i do this at work for one windows application which i can't find an equivalent osx app, vss

    my journey towards hackint0sh has been long. and it started out with linux.
    it happened because at work i have been spending much time on the command prompt.
    and the windows dos prompt is a very limited, clumsy place to be in.
    the short of it is that i missed the terminal, the shell. that's basically it. so i made a vow to make linux
    desktop work for me. for my work, it was almost perfect. almost. because on most corporate setting,
    work entails that you communicate with others via email and electronic documents and in a corporate
    setting that almost always mean exchange and ms office. this is where linux failed for me.
    not for the work i do but for ms centric office i'm in. evolution, openoffice, wine just didn't cut it.
    i keep at it for as long as i could but it was a struggle. during the course i have moved from
    redhat to fedora core to ubuntu (breezy then dapper). until finally jas 10.4.6.
    i have my terminal and i have full ms exchange/office support. end of the search.

    of course now my use of osx goes beyond these. frontrow + a neatly catalogued (posters/reviews/etc) library of
    (pirated,i'm being honest) music/movies + nokia 6600 = pretty darn good media center.
    the kids have their own account with parental controls turned on. can't browse certain sites.
    can't see profane words in the dictionary. can only login between a certain time,
    can only use the pc for a certain number of hours/day. different time and longer hours on weekends of course.
    they'll only get access to the movies i want them to see. all in all, life's a bliss

    excuse me for the longish post. got carried away.
    good luck on your hackint0sh.

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