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Our Good Samaritan - Aug. 31, 2009

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Just want to share a story how God truly listens to our prayers.

We went to Carmen to visit Fr. Thomas of St. Benedict Monastery (Our Lady of Manaoag), just me, my wife, my baby and the yaya. While walking up the inclined road heading towards the monastery, I noticed that rear right tire of our car appeared semi-flat. I immediately said, "Uh oh, we need to hurry back so that we can still drive back to Carmen proper and drop by the nearest gasoline station." One of the problems of having big wheels is it's very hard to replace the tires alone.

So we hurried up the steep road on the way to the monastery, we were all gasping for air, my wife was complaining that she had no exercise and her legs were getting tired. And so, we reached the top and met with Fr. Thomas. It was kind of short because the flat tire was bothering me. We told Fr. Thomas our problem and we apologized to him that we could not stay longer. We really wanted to spend more time there and pray the rosary in the rosary chapel, but sadly, we couldn't. So, Fr. Thomas prayed over us quickly and even included our vehicle problem in his prayer. We said thanks and hurriedly went down to our car.

As we were nearing our vehicle, a multicab carrying a family on it, just arrived and parked 2 cars away from us. I went to the tire and checked it if we could still make it down but unfortunately, it was dead flat! The driver of the multicab I think saw me checking out the tire. I went back into the driver side because my wife and baby were inside already, she had to change the diaper and feed the baby. I was confused whether to call someone from Cebu City to go over there and help us, but it would take too long! Our baby was traveling with us and you know how hard that is. So I decided to replace the tire myself. So, I got out of the car and opened the truck. As i was doing that, the guy who saw me earlier approached me, and said, "it seems you have a flat tire, let me help you. I have a portable compressor which would be enough to pump up your tire, enough for you to reach the nearest gas station for help."

Well, it did not only help us reach the nearest gas station, it helped us reach our house in Cebu! I stopped in almost every gas station on the way home to check on the tire and it was fine. It's amazing how God helped us! Even the smallest problems, like a flat tire, he never fails to back us up!

So, I would like to say thanks to Mr. Bobby Danlag of VECO. You are our Good Samaritan, truly God sent! May God Bless your family always! We will forever be thankful. If you, by any chance, read this, and need any help from, you have my card.

We will now be paying it forward...


  1. blizzaga4's Avatar
    karon pa ko ni basa ani dah. Wow!!! Praise the Lord! Nindot jud ni nga experience... heartwarming..


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