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Birthdays with Franklin

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by , 07-08-2009 at 03:37 AM (1959 Views)
Today is my 28th birthday.
I am at work when the clock struck 12 midnight.
I got warm wishes but I felt cold.
It could have been warmer under the blanket with PaO and my husband, Franklin.
It is sad and happy as I turn a year older.
There's a lot of reasons to celebrate.
My friends who remember and my family who never forgets.
I have never felt smarter in all my years.
It seems that I have become a different individual all of a sudden.
Maybe because of the age.
Maybe because of the time.
Well, maybe not.
It could be something else.
Someone else...
I have been married for 6 years.
Celebrated 10 birthdays with the man who captured my heart with his genius not his wit.
Today is another special day with him.
It is not as exciting as the first few but definitely more meaningful.
I have grown in years with a man who knows just what I want but always gives me something else.
I used to think it sucks but now I understand.
He said he does not have anything for me on my birthday.
Well, we have each other.
The long walks and the talks are what I always look forward to on my rest days.
No idle time.
No dead air.
He is the man I would still want to celebrate my birthdays with.
There is so much to look forward to.
Another year just started and there is a lot in store.
There will be more movies to watch and more things to discuss.
Though we don't share the same passion for coffee, I know we can be warm on a rainy day.
Talking about saving the cheerleader to save the world.
Listening to PaO talk us though buying him a little brother.
Birthdays with Franklin are just great.
I love it.

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  1. Dis^tracted's Avatar
    mama helen..i love it..
  2. elvishtattoo's Avatar
    salamat kau.
    pika suki gyud teka sa akong blog. hahahaha!
    i love it


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