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Liberty City

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Elaine was born into this world without a father, and although her mother was around from time to time she could never say she knew her at all either. A life of prostitution meant her mother was never really a true mother figure; Elaine learned quickly that life is often cold and most definitely a struggle.

At the age of 12, Elaine walked out on her drugged out mom hoping to find her own way and her own path and never looked back. She settled herself into the bustling city of Liberty, with a definite goal to get herself out of the slum, however, she didnít know just how difficult it would be.

Working wherever she could often meant she had to do things that didnít quite fit within her own moral code. Erotic dancing at night clubs for the pleasure of drunk older men seemed to be commonplace while trying to maintain the image of a seemingly respectable sales clerk at the local doughnut shop; but let's not pretend both jobs paid the same.

However, while dancing on the pole or sitting behind the doughnut shop counter, drinking her complementary cup of coffee, she couldnít help but think of a better life. A life that sheís only seen in magazines or heard about on the radio.
Perhaps she could pull off the perfect heist to elevate herself from street bum to millionaire.

If Elaine has learned anything, it's that life is always full of opportunities for those with the guts to seize them.



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