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Murmurs of a Dying Heart

Of Tears Wine and a Loaded Gun

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by , 09-19-2011 at 02:30 AM (803 Views)
Love does make one a poet or a criminal- to the extreme!

Just want to post a poem he wrote for me when those extreme moments almost mean an end.

Of Tears Wine and a Loaded Gun

I sit here alone and confused
in the deafening silence
I hear the screams and cries
these words you type pierce my soul

Salty tears flowing on my cheeks
soaking my skin, some falling upon a glass
half full of amber truth
In the hope of numbing the hurts and pain

Beside the mouse, piece of iron
Inviting, mocking.. and taunting
you and I know..
as the rains blow upon the window
this is madness.. its crazy

Love makes the ordinary become poetry
Pain and hurts.. rain and tears
Wine and a loaded gun
an evening we will always remember by

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  1. KE-25's Avatar
    Interesting ... quite nice
  2. Jul142009's Avatar
    tears wine and a loaded gun
    very potent and deadly invitation
    for a bloody end of misery
  3. LeeLeePot's Avatar
    why do i feel i know the person behind this? char!
  4. Kricket's Avatar
    These guys are so much in love.. and they are so poetic. Hey guys, may you multiply. Best wishes.


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