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  1. 12x - 5i > 3(4x - 5u)

    It is amazing how we can express everything in terms of mathematical equations. From a pitcher's curve ball, to the Earth's revolution around the sun. Mathematics truly is a universal language, a language understood by all. But now the question is, can it express a person's emotion and feeling?

    hint: solve the title
    Tags: love, math
  2. Red is not red

    Do you ever wonder if other people see the same things as you do? If I look at a ripe apple I see a red, shiny and round object. Others would also see the same shape but what about the color? Is your version of "red" the same as their version? I mean, since the day we were born we were trained to see red as "red". But the thing is, our brains are not wired the same way. Their red may be "green" in your perspective. Does it make sense?

    Think of our brain ...
  3. Traveling through time

    Is time travel possible?

    Imagine yourself traveling back in time. Going back 10 years ago but far from home. How would you convince other people that you are from the future? Bring some futuristic device maybe? But what if only your body can travel back? Or better yet, what if only your consciousness can travel back?

    If you read the news, you will see people claiming that they came from the future. However, we all think they were crazy and just sent them to mental hospitals. ...

    Updated 10-05-2017 at 11:11 AM by Sarevok

  4. Natsukashii

    "Natsukashii", a term most commonly used by the Japanese. It means remembering something in the past triggered by something you currently see, feel, taste or touch. In english it translates to "nostalgia".

    Most of my life I have been travelling (because of work). I have been to Japan, China, Hongkong and just recently I'm living in Singapore. I thought that I have overcome the feeling of loneliness and missing home. 3 weeks have passed as of this writing, now I ...

    Updated 05-04-2013 at 10:59 PM by Sarevok

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