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  1. Liberty City

    Elaine was born into this world without a father, and although her mother was around from time to time she could never say she knew her at all either. A life of prostitution meant her mother was never really a true mother figure; Elaine learned quickly that life is often cold and most definitely a struggle.

    At the age of 12, Elaine walked out on her drugged out mom hoping to find her own way and her own path and never looked back. She settled herself into the bustling city of Liberty,
  2. the occasional silence

    and you taught me what it feels like.

    and then how it feels to lose it.

    and you showed me who i wanted.

    and then who i wasn't.

    and you ticked every box.

    and then drew a line.

    and you weren't mine to begin with.

    and then not to end with.

    and you looked like everything i wanted.

    and then became something i hated.

    and you get thought

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  3. Ai Niwa

    Last year I decided to stop paying wix subscription and was confident that I could still keep my blog even if it meant having wix ads all over my pages. But after a lengthy hiatus, I found out today that I no longer have access to my blog unless I pay for subscription.

    Well.. fook that.

    Luckily, I still have a copy of the short fantasy story that I wrote some time ago. I am well aware that my story is nowhere near as good and as dramatic as many that debt charities ...

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  4. unsa'y english ug gikabuhi?

    Lately, I've been craving for foods that i used to eat in the Philippines. Gimingaw na jud kog kaon ug bulad, kinilaw, utan kamunggay, ug uban pa. Until i found a small pack of bulad in the frozen section of this Asian store in Ohio. There is barely any asian store or market where I'm currently at so I was very ecstatic about this little discovery. There were other Filipino foods in there as well, but I only wanted the dried fish. It was quite expensive but i went and bought it anyway.
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