Hi Webmasters!

I am here to share few tips with you to get rid of spam or fake signups on your sites via contact or registration forms. Actually, few months ago, I was suffering because of same issue that's why I am sharing my suggestions with you.

Antispam Plugins: If you are running a WordPress site then the use of antispam plugins would be an effective idea to get rid of spam or fake signups on your contact form. These plugins also enhance the security of your site.

IP Blocking: It is another great method to stop spam signups. Here, you block IPs of such visitors or spambots via cPanel of your site. I am also sharing this step-by-step guide with you to get rid of these spam registrations.

Use of Custom Questions: I noticed many sites are also using custom question techniques which are niche related. Yes, with the help of these little tricky questions you can't only stop spambots but also can protect your site against human spam.

reCAPTCHA: The use of reCAPTCHA v2 and reCAPTCHA v3 is also an effective way to stop fake signups via contact form. You can also go with custom CAPTCHA questions where mathematical questions are asked from each visitor.

You are also welcomed to share your views and suggestions to stop spam or fake signups. I am waiting for your responses.