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Evolution of Link-Building in SEO

This discussion is about "Evolution of Link-Building in SEO" in the "Websites & Multimedia" forums.

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    Default Evolution of Link-Building in SEO

    Link building is an integral as well as crucial part of SEO that is a great determinant in the online success of a business. This process has existed ever since SEO came into being but has evolved over the years with the last major change being Penguin rolled out in April 2012. This helped to do away with practices that were ineffective and never adhered to SEO principles. But apart from this, the basic principles of link building have not changed much and what has changed is the mindset of the link builders who now look at it as a long term asset building rather than achieving short term goals for websites.

    Building links though the last and logical step in SEO, needs to be done correctly owing to its impact. Link builders nowadays focus on different forms of link building and are choosing quality content to attract links with more emphasis on content marketing. Low quality links do not work anymore. Good quality links are like an asset, they exist for longer than you can imagine and reap returns spread over a period of time.

    Online marketing involves:

    Creating a user friendly and responsive website
    Optimizing the website for SEO
    Making sure the website is not under the scanner
    Researching well to understand your niche demographics
    Creating impactful and valuable content

    It is after all these things are in place that link building comes into play. Link building helps new users to find your site, attracting more traffic to it. By following the above steps, you have to ensure that you have a site worthy of traffic.

    Link Building is a continuous process as is creation of new opportunities for links. This can be achieved through effective and helpful content because the web is constantly evolving. This also means that you need to keep your website updated at all times through new content. Some links also get broken or dead over a period of time that you need to revisit and repair or replace if necessary. Adding fresh links makes this process perpetual.

    Another important aspect of this crucial step is to understand your audiences so that you are updated with changes taking place in their behavior, preferences, competition, changing market trends, etc. Link building and content are greatly dependent on each other and it is essential to infuse new fresh content periodically. Through high grade content, you can earn deserving links and also come across new opportunities to create fresh links.

    Remember that link building is a continuous and on-going procedure that goes a long way in building as well as maintaining online reputation of businesses.
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    Now a days, only a combination a do-follow links from web 2.0 sites and a no-follow links from Social Media network sites works. Forum & blog commenting, press release, directory submission, article submission, now becomes a spammy option. For a complete list of web 2.0 sites, visit this site Best Web 2.0 Sites Listings.
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    Hey guys! Do you know what is the role of the location of the text on the site when optimizing it for search engines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by macabr View Post
    Hey guys! Do you know what is the role of the location of the text on the site when optimizing it for search engines?
    If I'm not mistaken, it doesn't matter. It is much more important how many characters you use in the name of your site, what keywords are present in it.

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    Hi Rudolf, I was engaged in SEO optimization of sites several years ago, then the location of the text on the page played a key role, but now, as statistics say, the significance of this indicator is gradually decreasing. If I were you, I would turn to outside specialists, for example SEO agency Bendigo, I have been working with them for a long time. I think that they will be able to quickly analyze the site and draw the necessary conclusions, it seems to me that this conflict of interest needs an independent party.

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    Hello! Everyone wants to rank # 1 on the best search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc. In today's world, there are some international SEO and digital marketing agency that satisfy their customers and have a reputation in the market.

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