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All access job order maintaining and rendering quality service computer development.
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  • Web Designing
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  • Domain publishing assistance

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Location: 12 KAMAGAYAN, LAWAAN 1 TALISAY, CEBU CITY, PHIL, 6045 Talisay, Cebu
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Contact No. +639323243831

Descriptions of Computer Services

Personal Computer Services
Getting trouble with PC? Having problem donít know what to do? No matter what the issue is you can count on us to provide you with the proper solution, which usually entails more than a simple "tune-up" as many other service providers name it.

Apple Computer Services
We're local-area support companies that offer Apple computer repair and support services. We provide warranty and out-of-warranty service on all Macintosh systems - upgrades, repairs, virus removal, software installation, everything your Mac needs.

Laptop and Netbook Computer Service
Any problem we can repair and fix it without being sent back to the manufacturer. You may have some corrupt system files or simply a loose part.

Computer Infrastructure Services
We conduct and offer computer networking services for home and business and deployment of IPv6. Does your office or Home need help setting up a Local Area Network (LAN)? Do you want to connect your computers at home? Do you want help setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? And internet tune up? IPv6?

Service Sites
We offer onsite support services to people located within a large portion of Cebu City, Philippines
Remote Desktop Monitoring System
We can provide technical support services directly on your PCs from our own office without having to send a technician on-site through the use of remote desktop management software. This makes for faster service and lower costs.

Cloud Data Backup
Ensuring the safety of your organization's important data against any data loss episode, drive failure, viruses, natural disaster, and above all human error is a difficult task! Our service offers powerful features for off-site data storage at prices any business can afford.