ATTN: If you are handicraft maker, furniture maker.

I will be launching my website on the 3rd week of May 2007.
Please email me your company profile, company logo, product listings and photos for each product (ex. furnitures, fancy accessories, bags, toys, earing, rags, anything using native products). Products using native materials such as abaca, capiz, bamboo etc. are preferred. But can include wood, iron materials, etc. Please include price list and production capacity in 1 month for the particular product. Also, please write your payment terms (ex. 20% deposit, COD, 15 days, 30 days). Include your minimum order.

I will send to you my contract/commitment that I will not copy and use the informations that I will received from you to manufacture products that i will become your competitor.

You will be included in the website FREE of charge ever, no hidden fees. Only if you guaranty that your products are EXPORT QUALITY and not to stick to the common "PWEDE NA YAN " mentality. Or you will be banned. (rough edges or have some splinters remaining, or small portion lacking varnish).

For more details:
Noli Espinoza
044 463 3876
Cabanatuan City

Photos must be on a seamless green background, if products have green color use blue backgroud. don't use background color that have some same color of the product. Preferred background colors in order are blue, green, yellow and white. No dark colors.
Digital image must have a minimum size of 3 mega pixels. Non digital images are also welcomed, email me for info on where to send.