MMOParadox Expansion

MMOParadox is back, now even stronger!

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150x EXP
100x Skill EXP
40x Pet EXP
80x Craft
40x Alz
60x Alz Bomb Rate
20x Drop Rate
20x AXP
Item Drop: 3 items / mob
Max Reborn: 500
Free Reborn: 150
Paid Reborn: 350 (10 mil alz / one reborn)
Reborn Level : 170

Dedicate Server Information:

CPU: Intel® Xeon® E5-1650 v2 Hexacore
RAM: 64 GB
Connection: 1 Gbit/s

MMOParadox Rapture features:
24/7 Up-time and professional Support
Anticheats Custom Protection (Oh and I would not try not even a little to play with hacks because you are gonna have a nice gift from your computer)
All the server's configuration has been remodified in that way that all players can enjoy playing without any lag or any unpleasant encounters.

Starting Class Rank Grade 11
Mission War (TG runs at certain times, every 4 hours)
Saint's Forcecalibur Boss in LakeSide every week
More skill slots added
EP 10 Skills
EP 10 Archridium Sets
EP 10 Archridium Weapons
EP 10 BM3 Synergys
All debuffs status are increased
All upgrade skills status are increased
Channel 3 (Hardcore x2)
Channel 4 (Hardcore x4) - A new variety of Mobs
Added Chaos Infinity
Archridium Sets/Weapons drop from Chaos Infinity Dungeon
YUL Event System Working
T Point Event System Working
Added all entry dungeons items on T Point shop
2 New Npc in DS and GD (Nation War Items)
Guild icons system
Astral Bike PW5 (New Bike)
Special Inventory
T Points Reward for played time

Website features:
-Rankings characters,guilds
-Unique managers
-Donate manager
-Characters manager
-Stats manager
-Nation manager
-Resets manager
-World manager
-Clear pk manager
-Convert votepoints
-Balances information
-Latest bought items with pcoins
-Unique webshop

Arcana Trace map
Arcane Golem with custom start script
Archidium support for change appearance
Support for Archidium on the Action House
Dance 3
Nostalgia Forest map
Frozen Colosseum map
Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F dungeon
Awakening Forbidden Island dungeons
Tower of Undead B3F dungeon
Summer Costumes
Costumes BM-3 Procyon&Capella / Nurse Costums
New Dialogue Style