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So what are You playing now??

This discussion is about "So what are You playing now??" in the "Video Games" forums.
Playing this awesome game called Soul of Eden!...

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    May 2021

    Playing this awesome game called Soul of Eden!

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    Jun 2021
    I'm playing the newest game: WoW Classic TBC now! Let me introduce it to you!

    For those new to The Burning Crusade, Outland has seven new zones to explore. Hellfire Peninsula welcomes you like a grand stage into the broken world, but quickly you’ll find yourself weaving through the huge mushrooms of Zangarmarsh. Terokkar Forest also provides for some picturesque gameplay, but once you’re truly advancing into the map you’ll reach the vast plains of Nagrand. These four zones, with capital city Shattrath at its centre, provide most of the grinding experience from 60 to 68, while the final three zones offer plenty of end-game level 68-70 and faction quests so that you can get enough TBC Gold. TBC is all about flying mounts and the ‘new’ 10/25-man raid format still used in retail raids today.

    Horde and Alliance both get a new race in The Burning Crusade. The Blood Elves join the Horde and give access to the paladin class for the faction, while the Draenei join the Alliance, giving access to the Shaman class. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you can’t roll any combination of race/class that you want, and even more importantly, The Burning Crusade still uses the vanilla talent tree layouts and almost the same skills, with only a couple of new moves thrown in for each class. Jewelcrafting is also added in this expansion, which of course means your end-game gear now has sockets ready to be gemmed.

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    Oct 2012
    Recently playing PS4 games and it was awesome!
    Because it's my first time to play this console since my junior HS years playing PS1.

    Currently playing this new bought games: Sekiro and NBA 2k21.

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    Jul 2021
    Im playing minecraft and sometimes something like gta

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    Dec 2020
    Dota is really interesting online game, so after a long search about how to play on a high level, I was using special boosting service. I also like to play Valorant and decided that valorant boost is also a perfect opportunity to boost account faster and for a good price.

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    Nov 2020
    I also like to play different active games, so in order to get in touch with modern solutions I am using where I am reading more info about last updates in this popular games, what is the best solution to play it better and how to achieve success.

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