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MERGED All About the MTV Movie Awards!

This discussion is about "MERGED All About the MTV Movie Awards! " in the "TV's & Movies" forums.
Has anybody seen the 2005 MTV Movie awards last night? Just wanna share my thoughts lang : 1) Sobrang OA ni Katie Holmes when she ...

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    Default MERGED All About the MTV Movie Awards!

    Has anybody seen the 2005 MTV Movie awards last night?

    Just wanna share my thoughts lang :

    1) Sobrang OA ni Katie Holmes when she gave the generation award to Tom Cruise.
    1.a.) Baduy speech ni Tom Cruise when he accepted the award. Come on...I mean, people know that all the A-listers appear in the MTV awards so he's gotta have cooler speech than that. Even Dustin Hoffman had a better speech. I've been watching the MTV awards for years and so far, si Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler always gave the best acceptance speeches.
    2) Mean Girls RULE!!!! I liked the movie and I"m glad they won!!!
    3) Bagay si Rachel McAdams and Ryan Grosling! I like their on-screen chemistry in The Notebook and I like Ryan's acceptance speech! I hope magdayon sila in real life (typical pinoy hehehehehe)
    4) They didn't get a close - up shot of Nicole Kidman's reaction when the TOMKAT (Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes) appeared on stage. I was waiting for that all night!
    5) MTV put a unique spin in their set design when they provided sofas instead of the usual theater chairs.
    6) Right after, Lindsay Lohan got her award, Hillary Duff was up next to introduce the Foo Fighters. Talk about timing!
    7) IMO, the best Movie Awards was that time when Jimmy Fallon and Kirsten Dunst hosted it.

    Well, that's it! That's my 2, este 7 cents! What's yours??

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    Default 2005 MTV Movie Awards

    yup OA btaw kaau si katie holmes..haha... luod au..

    y did dustin hoffman won that award (the comedy thing) omg! will ferrell was much much much much much more more more funny than him.. (the anchorman) my god that sux..

    foo fighters rocks!!!

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