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Maui Taylor-Brian Revilla *** Photos/Video

This discussion is about "Maui Taylor-Brian Revilla *** Photos/Video" in the "TV's & Movies" forums.

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    Default Maui Taylor-Brian Revilla *** Photos/Video

    Shall we expect a Senate hearing on this?

    This is what many netizens have been asking a few months after several nude photos of someone alleged to be celebrity Maui Taylor [real name Maureen Anne Rodriguez Taylor] was leaked on the internet.

    The photos, which actually emerged at the height of the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili scandal, didn’t exactly come as a surprise to many given that Taylor has been photographed in the nude as a model and ‘bold’ actress.

    However, the photos didn’t seem like publicity stills for an unreleased movie nor pictorial outtakes for a magazine. Grainy and dark, it shows the subject’s private parts covered in a whitish, creamy substance akin to shaving cream.

    Some of the photos were taken while the subject was asleep, while others show her preening for the camera. One photo even had the subject engaging in oral ***.

    Although Taylor had denied the alleged pictures were hers---she even commented on the girl’s tattooed and collagen-enhanced breasts as “different” from hers—the pictures have become even more popular of late when rumors came out that Bryan Revilla, son of Sen. Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla was the one who took the pictures.

    A ‘sex video’ between the two is now among the hottest topics among netizens.

    Taylor and the young Revilla had a brief relationship from years back.

    In 2006, Taylor admitted to having made a “private *** video” with Revilla in the radio program “Good Times with DJ Mo.” She was quoted to have said that she was confident the video won't reach the public because it's not in Bryan's “character” to wash dirty linen in public---especially if it’s his.

    Early this week, Taylor reiterated her denial of the photos to writer Dolly Anne Carvajal saying, “I know for sure that Bryan never took nude pics of me.”

    It was Sen. Revilla who blew the lid on the Kho-Halili *** video scandal. Now, people are asking if he would be as daring in this case, knowing that his son is involved.

    Just this May, Taylor was embroiled in a legal brouhaha in Cebu concerning a supposedly “scandalous performance”.

    Governor Gwen Garcia charged Taylor, along with Jennifer Lee and Paolo Paraiso, for violating Provincial Ordinance 2005-18 or the Women Development Code of Cebu Province, which states that any person or agency that engages in shows depicting women as *** objects in private or in public places for commercial or under scandalous circumstances shall violate women’s rights.

    The accused entertainers are contesting the charges.

    Source - Net abuzz with alleged Maui Taylor-Brian Revilla *** Video | Manila Bulletin

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    Pokpok rajud. Nganu gud ng mga pinoy, hilig sa mga bitch celebrities.

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    i saw the photos and i can tell it is m. taylor talaga ung girl na kung ang issue is kung gagawan ng senate inquiry, that will all depend to maui..if she's goin to file a complaint against the the rumored guy behind this issue....i guess dili na angay sa senate..kay they are there to investigate in aid of legislation, wala paman gani sila naka formulate ug law sa case ni hayden kho....tapos ato napong dagdagan....adto nalang sa proper court ang case para ang senate maka concentrate sa pag formulate ug bill para sa atong economy....the more ma adto sa senate ni....the more fiesta ang media....looy samot ang victim, if there is indeed a victim

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    asa makit-an ang photos ani? ahehehehe...

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    ^^mao sd na akong pangutana bro. link dayun.

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    search sa Google Images (maui taylor nude photos) kay naay patikim gamay, hehehe

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    murag taod2 na man ni na mga pics naay daghan ana sa pinoy-symbian sa for adults section ai nagbaha mga pics didto!!hahahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by wh3ng2004 View Post
    murag taod2 na man ni na mga pics naay daghan ana sa pinoy-symbian sa for adults section ai nagbaha mga pics didto!!hahahah
    korax! hahahahaha.. unsa kaha buhaton ni Sen. Revilla sa?

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    boring na pics uy...
    on what would Sen Revilla do about ani? Wala. Wala man ni piya-it si Maui nga " gi baboy " siya. D:

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    nagselos man gud to si Bong Revilla ni Hayden Kho.. mao to...

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