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Rest in Peace Master Raper Francis Magalona

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    Default Rest in Peace Master Raper Francis Magalona

    Rest in Peace Master Raper
    October 4, 1964 - March 06, 2009

    Name: Francis Michael Magalona
    Nickname: Kiko, Francis M., Francis
    Birthday: October 4, 1964
    Birth Place: Manila
    Showbiz Anniversary: April 10, 1984

    Whether he is performing onstage in front of thousands of fans, hosting Eat Bulaga or just enjoying quality time with his family, the King of Rap will always be a big kid at heart. Not many people know that he also dabbles in directing music videos and dreams of directing and producing films. But Francis M. is more than a rapper, comedian, and host. He is a devoted father and husband who loves taking pictures of his family and playing video games with his kids.


    Unforgettable moment:
    He still couldn't forget his childhood experience where he got lost and walked home from school.

    Bet you didn't know:
    - His fashion icons are Michale Jordan and P. Diddy.

    - His role model is Michael Jordan.

    - He's afraid of sharks and death.

    - He doesn't like backstabbers and lazy people.

    The adjectives that best describe him would be "Unpredictable and crazy"
    Francis's hit list
    1. He likes playing video games and surfing the Net.
    2. He's usually the point guard when he plays basketball.
    3. He also golfs.
    4. He has a "shaggy Daschund" named Coolie.
    5. He watches the movies of Eddie Garcia and Harrison Ford.
    6. His fave flicks include Hero, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, and The Matrix.
    7. He's hooked on the CSI series!
    8. He likes listening to Frank Sinatra and The Beatles.
    9. His songs of choice are "Kaleidoscope World" and "Yesterday."
    10. He digs rap, pop, standards, jazz, and lounge music.
    11. His favorite reads include Hunt for Red October, Malcolm X, and Terminal Man.
    12. He also reads the books of Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, and Alex Haley.
    Q & A
    On the spot:

    Why did you enter show business?
    "To be a breakdancer was my agenda."

    What do you consider as the turning point in your career?
    "When I discovered I could write songs and perform them."

    If you werenít in showbiz, what kind of career would you have?
    "Iíd be an artist/painter/film maker/journalist."

    What is your biggest frustration/regret?
    "I regret smoking cigarettes and I regret not finishing school/college."

    What do most people donít know about you?
    "They donít know that Iím a good basketball player/am a film maker/director."

    What is your most unforgettable moment/experience?
    "My most unforgettable experience would be when I won ĎProducer/Record of the Year' in 1996."

    What are you most proud of?
    "My children and my songs, and my music videos."

    What do you value most?
    "I value my children and I value my time."

    What do you want to achieve?
    "I want to direct, write, star in, score and edit my movie."

    What is your advice to aspiring artists?
    "Reach for the stars. Keep on dreaming. Itís good and free to dream."

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    this is a very sad news.. RIP master rapper...

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    He battled cancer for almost eight months before finally passing away... r.i.p!!

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    well gonna miss u dude. r.i.p!

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    r.i.p for the man.........

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    Default master rapper's death francis m

    hi im one of a million fans of francis m who just died 10 hours ago unsay inyo ikasulti ni francis m ang ako lang big loss in th music industry ug unsa pud inyo comments sa iya ga song

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    btaw so sad... condolence sa iya family ug fans. i like his songs pd.. ang ako ma remember ky xa nkapa uso anang baseball cap nga balihon or pakilid ug sul ob..

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    `indeed one great person... three stars and a sun...

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    indeed... one of my favorite song is "Keleidoskope"... i love it..

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