Why HD lace? What is the difference between different lace styles of wigs?
Lace wigs are a relatively new type of wig. Compared to other wig types (wig caps, headbands, half wigs, lace part wigs, etc.), it gives the user a more natural hairline and more realistic hair separation gaps. A lace wig can be divided into a lace front wig and a full lace wig, which lace front wig is only the front hairline part of the use of lace ventilation grid design, the other parts of the traditional head wig design; and full lace wig is the whole head with a ventilation lace mesh to the base weave.
What is HD lace?
HD stands for high-definition, which represents the highest quality lace wig base available. Until recently, the best place would have been Swiss lace, but HD lace is the latest iteration of Swiss lace. a huge improvement over Swiss lace is how easy it is to match to different shades of skin. Sheer lace is easy to match with lighter skin, but for those with darker skin, you have to bleach at the roots first when using it. With HD Lace, on the other hand, your skin tone becomes less important. Once it touches your skin (scalp), it becomes indistinguishable.
Another outstanding benefit of HD lace is its comfort when worn. While people who wear other kinds of lace feel uncomfortable because of scratching and itching, HD wigs are like silk on the skin. In addition to this, it is also breathable. For this reason, I highly recommend HD lace to those who have sensitive skin or a fragile scalp.