Vacation is a pleasing thing, for us girls, it is not only to be happy but also to be beautiful. Don't forget to wear these beautiful Brazilian lace front wigs before your trip.

HD body wave lace closure weave wig
Body wave wig has the most attractive "S" shaped wave shape, suitable for a midsummer party, inadvertently showing your elegance and sensuality.
And the blessing of HD lace will make you feel very light and breathable, not stuffy at all, and very natural.

Straight bob wig / curly bob wig
Chic Bob wigs accentuate the details of your face and make you look more confident and lively. In addition, short bob wigs are more economical and easier to maintain.
Straight bob wigs are more simple and free, while curly bob wigs look more lively and cute. Wear a bob 4x4 lace closure wig, let the wind pass through your neck, and unleash your enthusiasm.

613 blonde lace front wig
I recommend a colored wig, it must have a 613 blonde lace front wig. Made of 100% human hair and Swiss lace, this wig is soft to the touch and stylish.
Whether light skin or dark skin can be a perfect match, especially when the sun shines, 613 hair makes you look like a delicate Barbie doll.

Burgundy deep wave wig
Different from the classic natural black wigs, Burgundy deep wave wigs look more elegant and profound. It is not as bright and stunning as 613 blonde hair. Burgundy wig is more like the precipitation of time, slowly entering people's hearts, showing your elegant and gentle temperament.

All wig products are made of 100% human hair, including a variety of hot-selling lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, HD lace wigs, curly lace wigs, and skunk stripe wigs, etc. And provide customized service, what you want Wigs can be found on West Kiss Hair.
If you are unsure which color or style of wig is more suitable for you, our customer service will provide you with a more professional answer.

If you're going to travel in hotter areas, remember to wear a wig pad to absorb moisture, keep the wig from getting wet, and keep it looking good.
In addition, compared to straight hair, curly hair is more difficult to take care of, you may need to contain moisturizing and nourishing hair masks to help the wig recover, such as shea butter and coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado, and aloe vera, these ingredients Can help lock in moisture and restore elasticity.